January 2007

Well, I’m blocking the “Pirate” hat. I’m not sure if it will make any difference, but we will see. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post another item that I made before Christmas. My daughter needed a scarf, so I thought I’d make her one in the feather and fan design. I began knitting and showed her what it was looking like. She said that it looked like waves, but it needed a fish. So, I decided to interupt the feather and fan design in order to add a fish. My daughter then said that waves need to be blue. This scarf is an eggplant colour to go with her coat. So,……rip. I frogged the fish (frog a fish?) and decided to add just one blue wave and the fish in blue as well. Then, my daughter said that the fish required seaweed. So,………rip. I designed some cabled seaweed the best that I could. Then, apparently the whole thing required bubbles, so I added some bobble bubbles. They needed to be blue……rip. I did them in blue. Then I hear, “Great Mommy! Now can you make a horse?” “Ah, no.”

Anyway, here was the result. Sorry about the shadows. I had to take the picture in bright light to get the colour right.

Fishy Scarf


My daughter loves the scarf, and it is already in use. See?


Fishy Scarf in Use

On the weekend, I embroidered a phrase from Long John Silver on the front of the “WCTP” hat I’m doing. I wasn’t convinced about keeping it, so I asked for a vote on the KAL blog and on Flickr. Here’s a picture:

Long John Silver, Yes or No?

The vote on Flickr overwhelmingly said to keep the phrase. The “Pirates” group said it’s nice, but probably too much for the front of the hat. My nephews loved it; their mother (who dresses them) said probably “No”. My husband said “No”, my other sister said “Yes”. So, what to do? I had told myself that, if enough people were hesitant about it, I wouldn’t keep it. So, the embroidering is gone……frogged to frog pond oblivion. If I have enough yarn left over, I’ll save the phrase for mittens!

 Meanwhile, Shannon, who’s also a member of the knitalong, mentioned to me that it’s possible to do intarsia in the round. I didn’t know that! She forwarded several authors who have written about it, and I’ll have to look into it some more. I do love doing colourwork and cables; it keeps things interesting!

I have finished knitting the hat, and now I have to seam it. I also have to weave all of those ends in, which is a task that I love to put off until later…..much later. I will do my best to complete this project…I think I can….I think I can….

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my “Pirate” hat progress. Comments were left here, on the KAL website and on Flickr. I’m very flattered, and I just hope I don’t screw it up now!

Since it is “Eye Candy Friday”, I thought I’d post a picture that was taken on my walk last weekend. Enjoy.


I thought I’d post my work, so far, on the “We Call Them Pirates” knitalong hat.


Due to my head cold, and resulting wooziness, I managed to put the favourite blue-on-blue skull at the back of the hat. This, despite all of my advanced planning. I decided to keep going, and not to re-do. I forgot to mention that I’m doing this hat using the intarsia method, and I’ll be seaming it up the back. That’s why all of the blobs of yarn are hanging down the back. I ran out of bobbins, so some of the blobs are just wound up balls of yarn. Also, I forgot to mention that I used knitting graph paper that I downloaded from here, to chart out the skulls.

So far, I’m happy with the hat. I think that the bright colours tone down the scaryness of the skulls, which is what I was hoping for. I thought I’d add some lettering to it, but I may just embroider it on afterwards. I don’t think that my cold addled mind can take any more charting. Happy knitting!

“I got the chills…..they’re multiply’n, and I’m loooooooosing control…..”

I think I’m delirious on decongestants, and, yes, I have chills. So, I can’t get this song from “Greece” out of my head. It’s very annoying. I don’t know if Google has found me yet or not, but I wonder what kind of hits I’ll get with a title like this. There has been progress on the “Pirates” knitalong hat, but it has been slow. I tend to nod off mid-row.

Since I don’t have much to show at the moment, I thought I’d post a picture of the socks I made for my brother-in-law as a Christmas gift. I also really want to tell him that there’s a picture of his feet on the internet! So, I present to you Burns’ socks:

Burns' Socks


Man’s sock: 76 stiches

  • Pattern: Wendy’s Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern by Wendy D. Johnson
  • Source: Wendy’s blog
  • Mod: Misocrafty’s Short Row Heel Variation, Without Holes
  • Materials: DGB Confetti, Superwash wool
  • Needles: 2.5 mm dpns

After I finished the socks, I noticed that there is a definite striping repeat that I didn’t even attept to match up. It looks easy to match stripes when you have a finished product, but how do you find the beginning of a repeat when you’re looking at a skein of yarn? Oh, well, I think they look great anyway, and the recipient apparently likes them a lot.

Enduring this cold has made me long for summer. Being in Atlantic Canada, I have a long time to wait! I was going through my old photos and I found this one:


Tiny's Glass


It’s a photo of my grandmother’s window. I spent my summers playing at this house with my cousins. It brings back some special memories. Anyway, the colours cheer me up!

Yes, I think I’m definitely delirious….

Not a lot of knitting has been going on here. Inspired by the fresh snowfall we had this weekend, I decided to take a long walk with my camera. I ended up with a few nice pictures, but also a very bad cough and cold. Anyway, this has cheered me up:


This is Rowanspun DK in the Thor colourway, and Rowanspun Aran in Husk. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet. However, everything else I knit in 2006/2007 was for other people. This time I think I’ll do a sweater for myself. I’m thinking that I’ll probably do a cardigan. I have 10 skeins of each colour. I just want one or two comfy sweaters, in neutral colours, that will go with just about anything. Any ideas?

Well, I didn’t get my blog going in time to post my “Eye Candy Friday” photo from last Friday. So, here it is today:

Sunset, 11 Jan 2007

However, I also have “Eye Candy Friday” photos from today. We had quite a snow storm!

Snow Storm

Snow Storm

Have a great weekend!

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