Delving into blogland has distracted me from the fact that I should be knitting a hat for the “We Call Them Pirates” knitalong that I joined. That’s the KAL button over there in the sidebar on the right……nicely centred, adjusted for size, looking beeaaauuutiful (if I do say so myself). Creating this blog has been a distraction indeed!

    I have finally started my “Pirates” project though. My nephews are big fans of pirates in general, so that gave me the idea of doing a child’s hat. I’ll be using a Zoë Mellor hat pattern with the We Call Them Pirates motif. The Zoë Mellor hat is knit with cotton *gasp*, but I actually like the softness of cotton for children. Will it be warm enough? I don’t know, but I guess I’ll find out.

    Here is my progress so far. I’ve been playing with different colours. These will be the ear flaps.

    Ear Flaps

   My daughter thinks this motif is very scary and thinks I should make unicorns instead. Ha!