I might be making this more complicated than it needs to be. Many people have finished their “We Call Them Pirates” project, and I’m still in the planning stages. I’m still playing around with colours. I had it in my mind to do all of the skulls white, but on different blocks of colour. Then, I decided to do all of the skulls different colours too! In order to get it all straight in my mind, I started to map it out on graph paper.


I think some people have software for doing this sort of thing, but no, not me. My daughter thought it was extraordinarily funny that I was colouring with her all afternoon. By the way, I do know that two of the skulls are exactly the same. I’m just experimenting.

In order to do the blocks of colour, I added a column to the chart….where the diamonds are. This is so that I can divide the colours evenly. I think it will still look okay. Then I did this:


I’ll figure it all out eventually. I’m having fun with it. One thing is going my way: with pure dumb luck careful planning, the number of stitches work out to be exactly right, for the child’s hat I’ll be knitting. This is despite the added column in the diamond motifs. Woo!