On the weekend, I embroidered a phrase from Long John Silver on the front of the “WCTP” hat I’m doing. I wasn’t convinced about keeping it, so I asked for a vote on the KAL blog and on Flickr. Here’s a picture:

Long John Silver, Yes or No?

The vote on Flickr overwhelmingly said to keep the phrase. The “Pirates” group said it’s nice, but probably too much for the front of the hat. My nephews loved it; their mother (who dresses them) said probably “No”. My husband said “No”, my other sister said “Yes”. So, what to do? I had told myself that, if enough people were hesitant about it, I wouldn’t keep it. So, the embroidering is gone……frogged to frog pond oblivion. If I have enough yarn left over, I’ll save the phrase for mittens!

 Meanwhile, Shannon, who’s also a member of the knitalong, mentioned to me that it’s possible to do intarsia in the round. I didn’t know that! She forwarded several authors who have written about it, and I’ll have to look into it some more. I do love doing colourwork and cables; it keeps things interesting!

I have finished knitting the hat, and now I have to seam it. I also have to weave all of those ends in, which is a task that I love to put off until later…..much later. I will do my best to complete this project…I think I can….I think I can….