Well, I’m blocking the “Pirate” hat. I’m not sure if it will make any difference, but we will see. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post another item that I made before Christmas. My daughter needed a scarf, so I thought I’d make her one in the feather and fan design. I began knitting and showed her what it was looking like. She said that it looked like waves, but it needed a fish. So, I decided to interupt the feather and fan design in order to add a fish. My daughter then said that waves need to be blue. This scarf is an eggplant colour to go with her coat. So,……rip. I frogged the fish (frog a fish?) and decided to add just one blue wave and the fish in blue as well. Then, my daughter said that the fish required seaweed. So,………rip. I designed some cabled seaweed the best that I could. Then, apparently the whole thing required bubbles, so I added some bobble bubbles. They needed to be blue……rip. I did them in blue. Then I hear, “Great Mommy! Now can you make a horse?” “Ah, no.”

Anyway, here was the result. Sorry about the shadows. I had to take the picture in bright light to get the colour right.

Fishy Scarf


My daughter loves the scarf, and it is already in use. See?


Fishy Scarf in Use