February 2007

Considering that my last post was about the book Adorable Knits For Tots by Zoë Mellor, I thought that it would be a good time to write about another item that I made from it.

Lacy Sweater



DebbieKnitter perservered and obtained pattern corrections for this book. She has posted all of them here. Thanks Debbie! The Lacy Sweater has some errata:

PAGE 32 Lacy sweater – Back –

edging ratios are  14(16:18:19)

Fortunately, this pattern error didn’t affect me, as I must have a corrected edition of the book.

Lacy Sweater Flower Detail   Lacy Sweater Detail


The above photos show the flower detail, and the sleeve and lacy bottom edge. I noticed that a pattern for a similar flower motif can be obtained from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting On The Edge p.132, although the leaves are slightly different. Knitting On The Edge is the same book that I used, for the “Fancy Leaf Edging” on my Shifting Sands Scarf. I found the book at the library, although I would very much like to have a copy of my own.


Lacy Sweater


I chose the colour blue for this sweater, for my daughter,  in order to coordinate with the “Funky Tank Top” which I made for my son. I would call the “Funky Tank Top” a sleeveless sweater, or a sweater vest, but whatever. More about that at another time! 

Afew days ago, I recommended a pattern book that I really like. It’s called Adorable Knits For Tots (Krause Publications). I have made a few items from this book: the Fair Isle Cardigan (made two), the Funky Tank Top (made two), the Bold Banded Mittens, and the Lacy Sweater. I haven’t had any problems. However, a certain lovely lady, DebbieKnitter purchased the book, and has been having a miserable time with one of the patterns. When this occurs every knitter goes through the questions, “Is it me?”, “Am I doing something wrong?”, “Is there a pattern error?”

Now, this is where things get sticky. On first glance, it appears that there are no errata sheets available for any Zoë Mellor patterns. Can it be that this one designer happens to have no errors in her patterns? Bah! Debbie phoned Krause publishing and was finally given some pattern corrections. If anyone reading this encounters a pattern problem, please call the publishing company to get the corrections. Keep on them to get back to you too.

All of this has lead to enormous frustration. Others have had similar experiences. The frustration can readily be seen if you do a Google search on the book. Check out the book reviews on Amazon.com. Read all of them though; there are positive ones too. Some of the problems people had could have been easily remedied, if they had done a gauge swatch. However, that’s not the point. The point is that the inaccessibility of the author, Zoë Mellor, is leading to all kinds of negative feedback. It’s my humble opinion that you should be able to find errata pages before you attempt a pattern! Then you aren’t going through the questions, “Is it me?”, “Is it an error?”.

Now, the problem that Debbie had was with the “Chunky Cabled Sweater”. It’s a very cute sweater, if you can actually knit it. The centre panel, cabled lattice, was not working out at all. So, on the weekend I tried to knit the pattern myself. It worked out fine for me. It seems that I have a corrected edition! I can’t for the life of me find an edition number. How do you know, before you buy the book, if you have the latest edition? Frustration.

This is a very long way to say….Zoë Mellor get your act together!! I like your patterns; I want to recommend them. Be accessible to your consumers!!! Care about the knitters, and their success! Zoë Mellor…where are you? Yooo hoooo! As if she will read this…..

(Note added much later: I just want to leave a note here that I have written about the topic of Adorable Knits For Tots pattern corrections, again in a subsequent post. To sum it up, Debbie Knitter persevered and got the pattern corrections for the Adorable Knits For Tots book, from Krause Publications and their associates in the U.K. Debbie has posted all of the corrections here. I hope this helps some people out there.)

Okay, now moving on. I’m sorry to have all of that negativity, before showing this gorgeousness. I promised photos of this Sundara yarn.

Sundara Yarn - Teal Over Green


Once again, I had problems capturing this yarn. Do I show the softness, or the sheen. Do I show the teal or the green?

Sundara Yarn - Teal Over Green Sundara Yarn - Teal Over Green


You can click on these to see larger versions. Then click “all sizes” at the top. The last picture probably shows the green in the colour the best. Although, the glint is a bit overwhelming.

Anyway, Sundara, if you should happen to read this….the yarn is gorgeous! I love it.

As you know, I’m tired of the winter photos. I’m tired of winter in general. So, for eye candy Friday, I’m going to share a photo taken a while ago….when things were green. This was not taken with a digital camera, and unfortunately the picture quality was diminished by scanning. Oh, well, I like it anyway…..again, mostly because it’s green.

Prince Edward Island, Canada


This was taken, on a humid, hazy, day in Prince Edward Island. I don’t live in PEI, but I have strong family connections there.

In other news, my Sundara yarn arrived this week! There will be a photo shoot!

After my last blog post, I intended to get back to my knitting. Well, I never did. I got all caught up with trying to get progress bars in my side bar. As of this moment, there are still no progress bars. All I have determined, so far, is what is not possible with Wordress.com. Changing your style sheet is not allowed, javascript is not allowed, downloading a plugin is not allowed, height attribute for a table is not allowed. Because I’m a complete novice with this stuff, I’ve been spending some late hours trying to experiment. There have been a few edits to my sidebar, which have led nowhere. Why is there no preview pane for the sidebar? It seems that you have to actually post it, to see what it looks like. Anyway, no knitting has been done by me.
(Note added later: I think I did it! I have progress bars!)

So….I thought I’d post about this item that I knit a while ago. Since I’ve used a picture of it for my header, I thought that maybe I should say a few words about it. It’s a fair isle sweater that I knit for my niece.

Second Fair Isle Cardigan For Baby


I received this pattern book as a gift from my sister, and I love it. I’d like to make everything in it. In fact, I’ve already made numerous items. This particular sweater, I made twice! The one above is the second version. I think I learned a few things after the first incarnation, and the second one went more smoothly. The one below was the first effort, which was given to another niece:

Fair Isle Cardigan For Baby


I did a yarn substitution for these sweaters, and then changed the needle size. Usually, people like to do fair isle in the round. This pattern has the sweater knit in pieces…flat….in other words, on straight needles. I did it in pieces, because it’s such a small item, I didn’t mind seaming it. Also, I kind of like the purl rows. Am I crazy? I think it adds a bit of variety, instead of just knitting in circles.  Weaving in all of the ends was the unpleasant part. However, knitting something in these colours, in this pattern, made me happy every time I took out my knitting bag.

There has been some progress on the Shifting Sands scarf. At last count, I completed 1,416 cables. I’m really enjoying knitting this scarf; the cables aren’t so bad!

Shifting Sands Progress


I haven’t been working on it for big chunks of time. Every now and then, I pick it up and do 4 rows or so. In the evenings, I may work on it more. The point is, I want to pick it up. I’m knitting it, every now and then, consistently. Does that even make sense? The scarf is progressing, really to my own astonishment.


Shifting Sands Progress


It measures about 33 inches now, so I’m more than half way there. I’m already sad that I might be finished this scarf and I’m only at the half way point. I will miss knitting it!

I took soooo many pictures, because for me photography is all trial and error. I couldn’t choose just one from the array. So, once again you will be inundated with photos. None of them show the colour right. There is more green in the colour, and I just can’t capture it no matter what I do.


Shifting Sands Progress


That photo shows the back of the scarf as well. Anyway, back to the knitting!

(Note added later: In order to learn cabling without a cable needle, I read Wendy Johnson’s tutorial. She now also has a video on her blog.)

Although I should probably add knitting needles somehow to this picture, this is my life in a nutshell.

My Juggling Act


My Juggling Act

Note added later: Yes, this is a baby monitor and shovel.


Here’s my real eye candy Friday photo. It was taken by mother (is that cheating?), when she was on vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. It was cool there, but warmer than here!


Phoenix, Arizona


It’s still snowing here, although not as much as it was! While shovelling, this time both my husband and I must have looked really pathetic, because two neighbours came to help us this time. This time it was different neighbours even. Did I mention that some wonderful people live around here? The driveway isn’t completely clear, but we could get our car out. My husband reciprocated the favour by helping to get a car unstuck, so the fellow could get to work.

I should also make a brief comment about how long our driveway is. That’s why this is such a big deal. Also, we can’t seem to hire anyone to clear it out, because of the steepness of the driveway. They’re afraid that they’ll harm their equipment. That’s ridiculous. It’s not that steep. Our neighbours don’t seem to be harming their equipment. That’s another thing…equipment. We were going to purchase a snow blower. The money was spent on Christmas presents instead. We have our priorities! It seemed that it was going to be a mild winter, and we could get away with it…  Anyway, I think that sturdier equipment is needed here. People here have plows on the front of their pick-up trucks, or ATVs. The man who helped us today had a huge snowblower that he hauled with a tractor. I should have taken pictures, but I don’t think you’d see anything anyway, with the flurries of snow obscurring everything.

At least we didn’t get as much snow as parts of New York! Oh, I feel so sorry…..

Anyway, on to another topic. New yarn! First, I should mention that I’m not normally buying so much yarn. I usually buy with a particular project in mind. I’ve been purchasing yarn recently only because I’ve found a decent deal. I’m hoping that this amount of yarn will last me quite a while. This particular yarn was purchased on EBay. 

Also, I should explain my main reason for posting about this. When I want to purchase yarn online, I have difficulty doing so without having a fairly good idea about the colourway. So, before I purchase, I’m always searching for more pictures. I have a feeling that other people probably do the same. I’ve noticed that people have been searching for Rowanspun colourways when they’ve found this blog. So, for anyone else who may be considering purchasing this yarn…here is a picture.

Rowanspun DK, in Goblin


  • Rowanspun DK, in 736 Goblin

When this yarn arrived, I was surprised about how bright the green is. I should have searched for more pictures first! I still like it, but I was surprised.

In response to Lisa’s comment: I don’t know exactly how much snow we received, but it’s not done snowing yet! Snow had drifted in our driveway to about 3 feet. Yes, school was cancelled here today. My daughter missed a sleigh ride with her preschool. Maybe they’ll arrange it for another day. Funny to cancel a sleigh ride for a snow day! We couldn’t get anywhere anyway though.

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