My hat is progressing, and I think it might actually fit me when I’m finished. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Kris B asked for feedback concerning the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that I’m using. I’ve found that cotton yarn can really show any little inconsistencies in knitting. Any stitches that may be a bit too loose, too tight, or just off-kilter will probably show up more in cotton knitting than in, say, wool. Of course, I strive to have consistent knitting…but what can I say? It’s not always. This Cotton Fleece doesn’t show inconsistencies the way that 100 percent cotton does. I’m not sure if this is because of the 20 percent wool content, or because of the way the yarn has been spun. I don’t spin, so I have no experties in that regard. The Cotton Fleece knits into a very smooth fabric, and makes knitting this hat almost effortless. (being a very easy pattern helps too!) Another thing I can say about the Cotton Fleece is that the stitch definition is beyond belief. There is no halo, or fuzz, and stitched patterns show up in great detail. What else can I say? Oh, there is a wide range of colours available. I was awestruck by the choices. I’m still wondering about colour migration when I block items. So, I’ll have to test that out. Also, wearability is something I’m curious about. Cotton can stretch out of shape, and I’m curious to see how this yarn will behave. Anyway, those are my observations so far.

Meanwhile, I’m still in acquisition mode. As I mentioned before, I’m not following any trends regarding the yarn stash. I want a yarn stash… least a manageable one! Lisa mentioned that it can be hard to resist a yarn sale, and I have to agree with that! Once you begin purchasing yarn, it’s so hard to stop! I have to remember that I have a budget for this. It’s even more difficult when there are sales….and even more difficult when you discover the world of online purchasing! Awkk! So far, I’m happy with the stash enhancement, but oh, my, what a beautiful yarn filled world the internet is!

I bought this from WEBS. I was interested in trying it out because it also has a low wool content. It’s 40 percent silk, 30 percent cotton, 20 percent merino wool, and 10 percent viscose. I love knitting with wool, but I need other options.

Silky Tweed


  • Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, in Rust

Now, to figure out what I can do with 10 skeins of this!