First of all, I want to wish my Dad a very happy birthday! His birthday was yesterday, but I think we will continue the celebrations until Valentine’s Day. Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the world!! Kisses.

 Now, on with the post. I thought that I’d write about a shawl that I knit for my mother as a Christmas gift. It’s a Shetland Triangle. I had seen Shetland Triangles before, but when I saw Brooklyn Tweed’s version here, I had to have one. Exactly. the. same. A shameless recreation. I pleaded with asked Sundara to hand dye some of her gorgeous yarn in a close approximation.

Shetland Triangle


Well, the yarn arrived and it was heavenly. It was more of an eggplant colour than what Brooklyn Tweed used, with subtle variations in the colour. It arrived before Christmas, so that made me begin to think about knitting the shawl for my mother. The colour was perfect for her, although perfect for me too.

Shetland Triangle


It was so close to Christmas that I began to knit in a flurry of needles. I knit the shawl in two days. I’m not joking. Then, I had two days left to block it. My one regret is that it went by so fast. Sundara’s yarn is an experience to be enjoyed….revelled in. Okay, another regret is that, although my mother loves her shawl…..I want one too!

Guess what all of this means. I ordered more yarn in another colour. I can’t wait ’til it gets here!!

Shetland Triangle


  • Pattern: Shetland Triangle, by Evelyn A. Clark

  • Source: Wrap Style (Interweave Press)

  • Materials: Sundara Yarn, Aran Silky Merino, Eggplant over Brown, 2 skeins

  • Needles: US 9 Addi Turbos