It’s still snowing here, although not as much as it was! While shovelling, this time both my husband and I must have looked really pathetic, because two neighbours came to help us this time. This time it was different neighbours even. Did I mention that some wonderful people live around here? The driveway isn’t completely clear, but we could get our car out. My husband reciprocated the favour by helping to get a car unstuck, so the fellow could get to work.

I should also make a brief comment about how long our driveway is. That’s why this is such a big deal. Also, we can’t seem to hire anyone to clear it out, because of the steepness of the driveway. They’re afraid that they’ll harm their equipment. That’s ridiculous. It’s not that steep. Our neighbours don’t seem to be harming their equipment. That’s another thing…equipment. We were going to purchase a snow blower. The money was spent on Christmas presents instead. We have our priorities! It seemed that it was going to be a mild winter, and we could get away with it…  Anyway, I think that sturdier equipment is needed here. People here have plows on the front of their pick-up trucks, or ATVs. The man who helped us today had a huge snowblower that he hauled with a tractor. I should have taken pictures, but I don’t think you’d see anything anyway, with the flurries of snow obscurring everything.

At least we didn’t get as much snow as parts of New York! Oh, I feel so sorry…..

Anyway, on to another topic. New yarn! First, I should mention that I’m not normally buying so much yarn. I usually buy with a particular project in mind. I’ve been purchasing yarn recently only because I’ve found a decent deal. I’m hoping that this amount of yarn will last me quite a while. This particular yarn was purchased on EBay. 

Also, I should explain my main reason for posting about this. When I want to purchase yarn online, I have difficulty doing so without having a fairly good idea about the colourway. So, before I purchase, I’m always searching for more pictures. I have a feeling that other people probably do the same. I’ve noticed that people have been searching for Rowanspun colourways when they’ve found this blog. So, for anyone else who may be considering purchasing this yarn…here is a picture.

Rowanspun DK, in Goblin


  • Rowanspun DK, in 736 Goblin

When this yarn arrived, I was surprised about how bright the green is. I should have searched for more pictures first! I still like it, but I was surprised.

In response to Lisa’s comment: I don’t know exactly how much snow we received, but it’s not done snowing yet! Snow had drifted in our driveway to about 3 feet. Yes, school was cancelled here today. My daughter missed a sleigh ride with her preschool. Maybe they’ll arrange it for another day. Funny to cancel a sleigh ride for a snow day! We couldn’t get anywhere anyway though.