There has been some progress on the Shifting Sands scarf. At last count, I completed 1,416 cables. I’m really enjoying knitting this scarf; the cables aren’t so bad!

Shifting Sands Progress


I haven’t been working on it for big chunks of time. Every now and then, I pick it up and do 4 rows or so. In the evenings, I may work on it more. The point is, I want to pick it up. I’m knitting it, every now and then, consistently. Does that even make sense? The scarf is progressing, really to my own astonishment.


Shifting Sands Progress


It measures about 33 inches now, so I’m more than half way there. I’m already sad that I might be finished this scarf and I’m only at the half way point. I will miss knitting it!

I took soooo many pictures, because for me photography is all trial and error. I couldn’t choose just one from the array. So, once again you will be inundated with photos. None of them show the colour right. There is more green in the colour, and I just can’t capture it no matter what I do.


Shifting Sands Progress


That photo shows the back of the scarf as well. Anyway, back to the knitting!

(Note added later: In order to learn cabling without a cable needle, I read Wendy Johnson’s tutorial. She now also has a video on her blog.)