After my last blog post, I intended to get back to my knitting. Well, I never did. I got all caught up with trying to get progress bars in my side bar. As of this moment, there are still no progress bars. All I have determined, so far, is what is not possible with Changing your style sheet is not allowed, javascript is not allowed, downloading a plugin is not allowed, height attribute for a table is not allowed. Because I’m a complete novice with this stuff, I’ve been spending some late hours trying to experiment. There have been a few edits to my sidebar, which have led nowhere. Why is there no preview pane for the sidebar? It seems that you have to actually post it, to see what it looks like. Anyway, no knitting has been done by me.
(Note added later: I think I did it! I have progress bars!)

So….I thought I’d post about this item that I knit a while ago. Since I’ve used a picture of it for my header, I thought that maybe I should say a few words about it. It’s a fair isle sweater that I knit for my niece.

Second Fair Isle Cardigan For Baby


I received this pattern book as a gift from my sister, and I love it. I’d like to make everything in it. In fact, I’ve already made numerous items. This particular sweater, I made twice! The one above is the second version. I think I learned a few things after the first incarnation, and the second one went more smoothly. The one below was the first effort, which was given to another niece:

Fair Isle Cardigan For Baby


I did a yarn substitution for these sweaters, and then changed the needle size. Usually, people like to do fair isle in the round. This pattern has the sweater knit in pieces…flat….in other words, on straight needles. I did it in pieces, because it’s such a small item, I didn’t mind seaming it. Also, I kind of like the purl rows. Am I crazy? I think it adds a bit of variety, instead of just knitting in circles.  Weaving in all of the ends was the unpleasant part. However, knitting something in these colours, in this pattern, made me happy every time I took out my knitting bag.