March 2007

The first signs of spring are here! My bulbs are starting to sprout up, and I thought I’d get a photo of them before the deer eat them.


Spring Greens


……and here’s some more spring green. I’ve been a busy bee.


Busy Bee


This is my progress, so far, on the Shetland Triangle. I’ve done the neck chart and three pattern repeats. Fun, fun, fun. I love this pattern. It’s a dark day, so the yarn colour doesn’t show up well. It’s actually a vibrant green. Once again, I’m enjoying knitting with Sundara’s yarn. I think I’m spoiled now, for anything else.


Shetland Triangle progress


After the photo shoot, I sat down to write this post and caught a glimpse of the yarn gleaming beside me. I was distracted; I had to take another photo. So, there’s the Shetland Triangle in the heap of mess beside my computer. Only my knitting peeps would appreciate a shot like that. (Yeah, that’s a piece of fluff on the ball of yarn.) Have a great weekend!

The felted slippers are finished! I’m still waiting to find no-slip soles for the bottom, but I consider them complete as they are.



Thanks so much to those who took the time to comment the other day. I really love hearing from other knitters! In one comment, Lisa mentioned that I might be wise to felt these slippers at the same time. That way, I would ensure that they were felted to the same size. I think that this is wise advise. Next time, and there will be a next time, I’ll do it that way. However, at this moment, I don’t have a bag large enough to launder both items together. I just have a little bag, to put delicate items in. I have seen the suggestion to use a pillow protector for this purpose, but ours are all in use. Anyway, I had an ulterior motive. I was afraid that I was going to wreck the first one. I would rather re-knit one slipper, than two. So, the first slipper was a test. It worked out, so I went ahead with the second one. I checked on it every five minutes, while it was in the washing machine, to make sure that I took it out at just the right time. I’m really happy with the way they turned out. I think they’ve got a little of the “cool” factor…more than your average store bought slippers anyway.

So, that felting experiment turned out so well, that I’m going to do some more!


Southwest Style Bag & Belt


I’m going to do this bag. Perhaps I’ll do the belt too, at a later time. I guess I’d better buy another pillow protector for the felting! I don’t know if you can tell by the picture, but there are silver beads on the bag. This should be interesting! The beads have to be washable, and I’ve purchased some, but they don’t say whether they’re washable or not. I’ve done a test swatch, so we’ll see what happens to the beads in the washing machine. I’m going to try to make the bag long enough to accommodate straight knitting needles, in case I need it to carry knitting projects. Also, I’m going to start my second Shetland Triangle soon as well. So, lots to do!

Just to get right to the point, as you can see by this horrid picture, I need a new pair of slippers. This isn’t even the slipper that’s really awful. I’m not going to show you the other one; I’ll spare you that.


Very Old Slipper


I have never been one to wear slippers before. It may be because we have hardwood floors now, and it’s more draughty? (aka drafty) I grew up in a house with hardwood floors though, and was fine with socks. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older? Nah, it couldn’t possibly be that! Anyway, when I saw the Yarn Harlot’s Felted Clogs, I knew I had to make ’em. I even bought almost the same colours that she used, but in fairness, I am replacing a blue pair right? I’ve never felted anything before, so this was a first for me. I was a bit worried when I knit this monster:


Fiber Trends Felt Clogs


My four year old daughter took that picture! Those are her toes in the top corner. Anywho, the other thing that made me worry about this pattern was that it called for very loose back stitching on the sole. Otherwise, when the slipper is felted, it could become distorted. What constitutes very loose? I decided not to worry about it. I decided to err on the side of caution, and do Loopy stitches. I’m planning to add leather (or my husband suggested vinyl) soles anyway, so if the stitches were too loose, I’d be covering them up. (Pencil for scale)


Fiber Trends Felt Clogs


So, those loopy stitches by the pencil, are down the centre of the sole. It turned out that worry was needless. After felting, the sole was as smooth as could be. No loose stitches at all. It was too hard to get an after shot of the sole, due to the dark colour. However, here’s one felted slipper.


Fiber Trends Felt Clogs


Cool huh? You might notice that the pattern is for “Felted Clogs”, and what I have is a slipper. I did a slight modification to the pattern and added a couple of short rows at the back. I also decreased two stitches there, for a tighter ankle. I wanted a real slipper for warmth, but my next pair might be clogs. I would definitely do this pattern again!


Fiber Trends Felt Clogs


So, that’s one slipper down, and one to go! Now, I have to figure out where to get leather soles. My LYS doesn’t have them. I really think I need them for the non-slip factor, and let’s face it, I must be hard on my footwear. The more durable the better!

Yesterday, I noticed that the snow on our back porch had melted significantly. So, what did I do? I hauled out the barbeque! I barbequed with my winter coat, boots, new hat & scarf, and gloves on. The snow may have melted a bit, but it’s still cold out. Anyway, it smelled like summer around here, with the fragrance of grilled dinner. I grilled the entire meal. My parents have one of those indoor grills at their house. I don’t have one of those. What would be the fun in that?

Did my neighbours think I was crazy, barbequing in the freezing cold, with all of my winter duds on? Probably not, we’re Maritimers….we’re all pretty much like this (I think). If my husband, from Ontario, thought I was nuts, he didn’t say so. He was too busy eating!! Where is that early spring anyway? It’s not here yet!

I don’t have any pictures of barbequing in progress. However, I do have some “Eye Candy Friday”.


Birch Bark


Snow and Ice


Have a great weekend!

I was tagged for a meme by Katherine. I must say that it has taken me some time to come up with some answers. Knowing me, as soon as I post this, I’ll think up some better responses! Even though this is primarily a knitting blog, here’s everything you may want to know about me, and more that you didn’t.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die

  • 1.  Visit Scotland and Ireland, among many other places
  • 2.  Learn photography
  • 3.  Know that there has been a cure discovered for Crohn’s Disease and Cancer within my lifetime (I don’t ask for much)
  • 4.  Learn to drive (long story)
  • 5.  Organize my genealogy research
  • 6.  See my children as happy, self-aware, secure and loving adults
  • 7.  See my grandchildren/great grandchildren….er, eventually

Seven Things I Cannot Do

  • 1.  Speak an alternate language fluently
  • 2.  Run anywhere (my knees don’t like it)
  • 3.  Drive
  • 4.  Fill out forms (I’ll do anything to avoid it)
  • 5.  Be rude to end solicitation phone calls (but I’m learning)
  • 6.  Listen idly to discriminatory comments
  • 7.  Whistle loudly

Seven Things That Attract Me to… (the Maritime Provinces)

Seven Things I Say

  • 1.  Time out!
  • 2.  I’m soooo tired!
  • 3.  Crap.
  • 4.  Cripes.
  • 5.  Awesome! (I guess I’m a valley girl too)
  • 6.  Cross (meaning angry)
  • 7.  Give me a break.

Seven Good Books

Seven Good Movies

  • 1.  Cinema Paradiso
  • 2.  Chicago
  • 3.  Memoirs of a Geisha
  • 4.  Sleepless in Seattle
  • 5.  The Princess Bride
  • 6.  Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • 7.  The Matrix

Seven Blogs to Tag

  • 1.  Moira
  • 2.  Lisa
  • 3.  Kris
  • 4.  Debbie
  • 5.  Marisol
  • 6.  Susan
  • 7.  Julie
  • (edit)8. I’m going to tag eight people instead of seven because I had brain drain and forgot to write Keppy. I can’t forget Keppy!

……and whoever else may want to play along.

Shifting Sands is finished! Woo! (Beware – picture heavy post ahead) I actually got to wear it during our snow storm this weekend. I tried to move my copious quantities of hair out of the way for the photo.


Shifting Sands Scarf finished



Leaf Edging


I picked up stitches along the edging, to begin the scarf. However, the edging had to be grafted onto the finishing end. I used the Kitchener Stitch for that. The above is a close up of the graft.


I tried very hard to take the usual photo in the window shot. However, I was taking the photo myself, with a tripod….and my usual trial and error. Lots of error. Out of the hundred or so that I took, these were the best of the lot. At least you can’t see directly up my nose.


Shifting Sands Scarf finished


Shifting Sands Scarf finished


While I’m at it, here’s the scarf worn with the Two-Tone hat, which I completed a couple of weeks ago. The hat’s not fancy, but it does the job. It covers my head, and the aforementioned hair, without giving me a headache. It’s perfect for driveway shovelling duties!

Two-Tone Hat and Shifting Sands Scarf

The Shifting Sands Scarf is almost finished. Just in time for spring! I’m joking because I think there’s still plenty of winter left here. There’s lots of snow, and today it’s -5 degrees C. Anyway, the scarf will be ready and waiting for me next winter too. I’m just weaving in the ends now. There are no pictures yet; so I’ll try to get some photos of it this weekend.

Thanks everyone, so much, for the comments on the Pirate mittens. Do you know that my blog made the top 100 list, for growing blogs, on WordPress? That was on the day that I posted the mittens. You guys must’ve really liked those mittens! I’m kind of dumbfounded and overwhelmed……..and, well, very happy about it! Of course, the next day they had to go and make a new list. Crap. Anyway, the smile on my daughter’s face is all I need. She has been wearing those mittens inside the house, just because they’re, “so cool”. This is from a child who thought the skulls were too scary initially, and wanted unicorns instead!

Now, about spring again. In the blogosphere, I’ve been seeing pictures of people out with their daffodils. Seriously? People have daffodils out already? We so do not have daffodils. However, for “Eye Candy Friday” I’ve pulled out some pictures from last summer.




The next one is a bit fuzzy, because it was taken from quite a distance away. I love it anyway. I caught my children walking around hand in hand. I had to snap the moment as quickly as possible, no matter how far away I was.


Holding Hands


Flowers, peace, love and knitting.

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