Thank you all for the comments on the “Funky Tank Top“. Yes, my little guy is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I’m sorry that I didn’t show a full photo of him. I’m just itching to. However, I keep my photos on Flickr, and some people have had problems on there, with children’s photos. Apparently, people, strangers, (I’m trying to be polite here) have been taking images of children from Flickr, and posting them on their own websites, with lewd comments written underneath. I would just like to avoid that heartache. The photo of me, with my daughter, in my sidebar, is an outdated one. I look the same (I think), but my daughter is older now. (I’m not older.)

As for the “Funky Tank Top”, my version is not so funky. It’s definitely made with more conservative colours than are pictured in the book. I made the vest, and the “Lacy Sweater“, for my children to wear for a professional family photo, that was to be taken at my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. Well, then my brother said that he couldn’t attend, so we didn’t book anything with a photographer. Then, it turned out that he could come after all, which was great, but…………no family photo. Oh, well, the sweaters are in use, and they go with just about everything.

 Now, I have some photos for “Eye Candy Friday”:




This is a photo of the wreath on my parents’ door. It was made locally, but not by me. Isn’t it creative? It’s made from bits and pieces collected from a clear-cut area of the forest. I’m sorry about the distracting reflections on the door.


Lonely Barn


This is another shot, of a view I’ve shown before. It may not be evident, but the photo was taken at the top of a cliff. It’s the St. John River, NB. I just love that lonely barn down there. I wish I had a better zoom lens/camera.

Have a great weekend, and happy knitting!