The Shifting Sands Scarf is almost finished. Just in time for spring! I’m joking because I think there’s still plenty of winter left here. There’s lots of snow, and today it’s -5 degrees C. Anyway, the scarf will be ready and waiting for me next winter too. I’m just weaving in the ends now. There are no pictures yet; so I’ll try to get some photos of it this weekend.

Thanks everyone, so much, for the comments on the Pirate mittens. Do you know that my blog made the top 100 list, for growing blogs, on WordPress? That was on the day that I posted the mittens. You guys must’ve really liked those mittens! I’m kind of dumbfounded and overwhelmed……..and, well, very happy about it! Of course, the next day they had to go and make a new list. Crap. Anyway, the smile on my daughter’s face is all I need. She has been wearing those mittens inside the house, just because they’re, “so cool”. This is from a child who thought the skulls were too scary initially, and wanted unicorns instead!

Now, about spring again. In the blogosphere, I’ve been seeing pictures of people out with their daffodils. Seriously? People have daffodils out already? We so do not have daffodils. However, for “Eye Candy Friday” I’ve pulled out some pictures from last summer.




The next one is a bit fuzzy, because it was taken from quite a distance away. I love it anyway. I caught my children walking around hand in hand. I had to snap the moment as quickly as possible, no matter how far away I was.


Holding Hands


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