Shifting Sands is finished! Woo! (Beware – picture heavy post ahead) I actually got to wear it during our snow storm this weekend. I tried to move my copious quantities of hair out of the way for the photo.


Shifting Sands Scarf finished



Leaf Edging


I picked up stitches along the edging, to begin the scarf. However, the edging had to be grafted onto the finishing end. I used the Kitchener Stitch for that. The above is a close up of the graft.


I tried very hard to take the usual photo in the window shot. However, I was taking the photo myself, with a tripod….and my usual trial and error. Lots of error. Out of the hundred or so that I took, these were the best of the lot. At least you can’t see directly up my nose.


Shifting Sands Scarf finished


Shifting Sands Scarf finished


While I’m at it, here’s the scarf worn with the Two-Tone hat, which I completed a couple of weeks ago. The hat’s not fancy, but it does the job. It covers my head, and the aforementioned hair, without giving me a headache. It’s perfect for driveway shovelling duties!

Two-Tone Hat and Shifting Sands Scarf