Yesterday, I noticed that the snow on our back porch had melted significantly. So, what did I do? I hauled out the barbeque! I barbequed with my winter coat, boots, new hat & scarf, and gloves on. The snow may have melted a bit, but it’s still cold out. Anyway, it smelled like summer around here, with the fragrance of grilled dinner. I grilled the entire meal. My parents have one of those indoor grills at their house. I don’t have one of those. What would be the fun in that?

Did my neighbours think I was crazy, barbequing in the freezing cold, with all of my winter duds on? Probably not, we’re Maritimers….we’re all pretty much like this (I think). If my husband, from Ontario, thought I was nuts, he didn’t say so. He was too busy eating!! Where is that early spring anyway? It’s not here yet!

I don’t have any pictures of barbequing in progress. However, I do have some “Eye Candy Friday”.


Birch Bark


Snow and Ice


Have a great weekend!