The first signs of spring are here! My bulbs are starting to sprout up, and I thought I’d get a photo of them before the deer eat them.


Spring Greens


……and here’s some more spring green. I’ve been a busy bee.


Busy Bee


This is my progress, so far, on the Shetland Triangle. I’ve done the neck chart and three pattern repeats. Fun, fun, fun. I love this pattern. It’s a dark day, so the yarn colour doesn’t show up well. It’s actually a vibrant green. Once again, I’m enjoying knitting with Sundara’s yarn. I think I’m spoiled now, for anything else.


Shetland Triangle progress


After the photo shoot, I sat down to write this post and caught a glimpse of the yarn gleaming beside me. I was distracted; I had to take another photo. So, there’s the Shetland Triangle in the heap of mess beside my computer. Only my knitting peeps would appreciate a shot like that. (Yeah, that’s a piece of fluff on the ball of yarn.) Have a great weekend!