April 2007

It has been a while since I’ve posted. I’m still here, and I’m reading all of your blogs, except not as consistently as I was. I hope that life returns to normal around here sometime, but right now it’s anything but normal. As I mentioned in previous posts, my husband has some sort of mysterious illness. He keeps getting shuffled from one doctor to another, with a lot of waiting in between…..it’s infuriating. Anyway, I only mention this to explain my, personal, lack of energy and concentration at the moment.

I mentioned that I’ve been swatching. Aimlessly. Here are a couple of swatches that actually look like they might be something….eventually.


Swatching Rowanspun


These swatches were both done in Rowanspun DK on 3.75 mm needles. I was thinking of doing a cabled sweater, and I chose a few different cable patterns to swatch, in order to see what they’d look like in this lightweight wool. The brown swatch on the bottom has been blocked. The resulting fabric ended up being much softer than it was before blocking. However, I think that the halo obscures the cables a bit. The chevron cable is a bit disappointing. I don’t know if a few more repeats would have made a difference or not. Do the chevrons show up well enough? Do any of the cables show up well enough?

I haven’t even decided what colour to use. My preference is the green, but I may save that for something else. Do you see what I mean about my lack of concentration? Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Not much knitting has taken place here, since I last wrote. This is a stress filled household at the moment. Knitting wise about all a can mentally cope with is swatches. So, I’ve been swatching. However, if the gauge isn’t right on, then what? One has to come up with an answer. I can’t cope with that either, so the swatches get tossed aside.

My children are too young to know that anything is amiss. Their joy uplifts us, and we carry on. In this picture, they’re putting on a puppet show with their cousins.


Puppet Show


No, I didn’t make the puppets. My mother purchased the set on a trip, and the children love it. I didn’t make the Easter wreath either, that I posted about one day. My sister purchased it at a little craft boutique and gave it to me for my birthday, along with a beautiful bracelet. Anyway, somebody made the wreath; it just wasn’t me. My other sister gave me a gift certificate for some more Sundara yarn. Woo hoo! Thank you my sistas!!

I hope that everyone had a great Easter. In my last post, I wished everyone a wonderful long weekend. Not everyone gets a long weekend, silly me. I wasn’t thinking. In any case, I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was very busy, especially with two excitable kids around! The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun this year.

We went out to brunch and a costumed bunny scared the bejeepers out of my two year old. He never really recovered from the fright, and we ate a nice meal to the accompaniment of sobbing and weeping. I’m sure the other patrons loved us! Oh, well.

Not much knitting was accomplished, but I did do a bit. Here’s the current state of the Southwest bag:


Southwest Style Bag Progress


It’s knit from the top down. Next, I have to string on 406 beads. Yes, 406. As for the Shetland Triangle, I’ve finished 6 pattern repeats now, but it still looks pretty much the same. The Bayerische socks….well, I haven’t even turned the heel, but I figure that I’ll run out of yarn, if I keep things as they are. So, I’m going to frog the leg back a bit. This is why I much prefer knitting toe up socks. You just knit until you run out of yarn. There’s no anxiety about whether or not you’ll run out. The twisted stitches and cables, in this pattern, really suck up the yarn too!

I have just one more item that I want to mention. We have been going through quite a bit of stress in this family. My husband has been having severe illness, of unknown cause, since a surgery last spring. It has been almost a year of no answers, no sleep, no reprieve. I only mention this now, because I’m having difficulty keeping up with emails etc. I’m still here! I just may not be able to get back to you right away. Also, my attention is a bit muddled. Knitting is a great stress reliever though; has anyone noticed that?

What a difference a day makes! Here’s what greeted me out my dining room window this morning.


Early Spring?


We were supposed to have an early spring; were we not? I think the groundhog played a joke on us.


Early Spring?


Anyway, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Have a wonderful long weekend.


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!


(Sorry, I couldn’t resist trying an artsy fartsy mirror pic.)

Iwant to thank everyone, so very much, for the birthday wishes. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I wrote a big sappy note of thanks, but I deleted it out of embarrassment. Waaaay too sappy. However, it means a lot to me that people took the time, out of their own busy lives, to send positive thoughts my way. It made the milestone birthday, well….great! Thanks so much! 🙂

I’ve had a busy day today. So, I’m later than usual making this post. However, with Easter approaching, I thought it would be a good time to post about this cute little item that I made before I ever started blogging.


Knitted Bunny


  • Pattern:Knitted Bunny by HeartStrings and Jackie E-S
  • Source: HeartStrings FiberArts – free online!
  • Materials: Leftovers from yarn stash.
  • Needles: 3.5 mm

This little bunny was gifted quite some time ago. However, it was so easy to make; I know I’ll be making more. It’s a good thing to make to get rid of some stash yarn. With the exception of the ears and the tail, the pattern only consists of a knitted square. The square is then sewn, with another length of yarn, to create the bunny you see here.


Knitted Bunny


  • Time To Complete: one day!

Today is my birthday! It’s one of those milestone ones, but I’m not saying which one. It’s all a mental game really; I’m still 18 right?


Shetland Triangle Progress


Yesterday, there was a small family celebration at my parents’ house. We had a lot of noisy fun.


Shetland Triangle Progress


Nevertheless, I did get some time to knit the Shetland Triangle. I’ve finished 5 pattern repeats now. I should mention again that the yarn is Sundara yarn, Aran Silky Merino, Teal over Green. I just don’t know how a yarn can glisten so much, and at the same time be fuzzy and velvety soft.


Shetland Triangle Progress


The shawl itself doesn’t look like much yet. I have to wait for the miracle of blocking for that. By the way, here are the spring bulb eating critters I was telling you about before.


Spring bulb eating critters!


This is a mere fraction of them!


Spring bulb eating critters!


Just a quick update….I have started the Southwestern Style bag. I finally found the right needle size to use. Right now, the challenge is threading on the beads. I bought the size of beads that was recommended, but the “eye” of the bead seems small for the yarn. Somehow, I’ll struggle through.