I hope that everyone had a great Easter. In my last post, I wished everyone a wonderful long weekend. Not everyone gets a long weekend, silly me. I wasn’t thinking. In any case, I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was very busy, especially with two excitable kids around! The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun this year.

We went out to brunch and a costumed bunny scared the bejeepers out of my two year old. He never really recovered from the fright, and we ate a nice meal to the accompaniment of sobbing and weeping. I’m sure the other patrons loved us! Oh, well.

Not much knitting was accomplished, but I did do a bit. Here’s the current state of the Southwest bag:


Southwest Style Bag Progress


It’s knit from the top down. Next, I have to string on 406 beads. Yes, 406. As for the Shetland Triangle, I’ve finished 6 pattern repeats now, but it still looks pretty much the same. The Bayerische socks….well, I haven’t even turned the heel, but I figure that I’ll run out of yarn, if I keep things as they are. So, I’m going to frog the leg back a bit. This is why I much prefer knitting toe up socks. You just knit until you run out of yarn. There’s no anxiety about whether or not you’ll run out. The twisted stitches and cables, in this pattern, really suck up the yarn too!

I have just one more item that I want to mention. We have been going through quite a bit of stress in this family. My husband has been having severe illness, of unknown cause, since a surgery last spring. It has been almost a year of no answers, no sleep, no reprieve. I only mention this now, because I’m having difficulty keeping up with emails etc. I’m still here! I just may not be able to get back to you right away. Also, my attention is a bit muddled. Knitting is a great stress reliever though; has anyone noticed that?