June 2007

It’s Friday? Why, yes it is Friday! In fact, Friday is almost over. Oops, you know it’s summer-time when you totally lose track of what day it is. We are busy, busy, busy here, getting ready for my in-laws who are coming to visit. We got the barbeque propane, check; swept for dust bunnies, check; cleaned the toilets, check; mowed the lawn, check; got the beer and wine, check. This is what else has been going on…


Pool Time


Pool Time


…and here are some more flowers…






On another topic, I want to wish Romi (Rosemary) huge congratulations on her new book deal with Interweave. I can’t wait to see the finished book! You probably already know about Romi; she’s a very talented jewellery designer. She’s also a talented knitter, of course. She has put the two specialties together to create a book on “knitted and crocheted jewelery using wire, beads and fiber”. It sounds like fresh, fun ideas, and I’m looking forward to the book coming out, but oh…. we have to wait ’til 2008! I can’t believe that someone I exchange blog comments with has a book deal. I’m so thrilled for her! Do any of the rest of you have something like this going on behind the scenes? I. need. to. know. 

This post shows proof that, yes, I have been knitting. Not much has been working out, but I have been knitting. Something will come of it eventually. This item however, will be thrown in the frog pond.


Cable and Rib Jacket


This was a gauge misadventure. I did a swatch; really I did. The pattern says to do such and such stitches and rows, “over rib patt, when slightly stretched.” Huh? One person’s stretched is not another person’s stretched. Anywho, I had my doubts about the whole thing, so I didn’t start my knitting with the back. I started the left front instead (fewer stitches). This would fit me I think,…..like body armour. I don’t like things to fit so snuggly. Clearly, I need help with the term “negative ease”. I need more of the “ease” part of the equation. So, I’ll start again, with larger needles.

This is was the Cable and Rib Jacket from “Wish You Were Here!” by Debbie Bliss. I’m trying a yarn substitution, using Rowan All Seasons Cotton.


Iris and Peonies




There are some more garden pics for you. I’m so behind on my blog reading. I’ve got to get caught up with what all my favourite knitters are up to. However, right now I’m off to mow the lawn!

Guess what? Wednesday evening I received my invitation to Ravelry. Whew! I’m now an official Ravel-rouser. So, come and find me on there sometime okay?


Tree Peony


I’ve tentatively been poking around the Ravelry site, and have added a few of my finished projects. One pattern that I used, had not been added to Ravelry yet. Okay, so, well I guess I could add it right? Hmmm, I guess I was allowed to do that. Tentatively, that’s a good word. I tentatively attempted to add the pattern. Somehow with the flick of a button, and a gasp, I inadvertently volunteered myself to edit an entire pattern book!! Ooooops.


Tree Peony


Ohhhh, crap. I told myself to remain calm. One flick of the button couldn’t make Ravelry crash down for everyone. Right? The thing is… I hadn’t even figured out how to add my own projects yet, much less figure out how to edit other stuff. It turns out that only 4 projects have been added so far, for that book. I did some editing on those. Tentatively. I think that’s what I did anyway. 🙂 I didn’t find any instructions on the duties of an editor.


Tree Peony


I’ve done lots of voluntary transcribing and editing, for genealogy websites. In those cases though, I generally wait until I know what the &%$# I’m doing. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure this out eventually. I just wonder what other kind of hole I’ll traipse into. If anyone can enlighten me as to what an editing “white board” is, or a “wiki” for that matter, I would be very grateful.


Tree Peony


I took most of these peony pictures today, under a bright blue sky. As soon as I turned to walk into the house, I heard “Crash”. Thunder and lightening. On one side of the house the sky was bright blue, on the other side it was as black as night. I no sooner got the door shut, and there was a downpour of rain. The sky just opened up, and let it rip. The peonies are now smooshed. Most of the petals are on the ground, but I have these photos to remember them by! They were nice while they lasted.

(Edited to add: Apparently, a wiki is a community edited guide. It still doesn’t help me with the duties of an editor though unfortunately.)

Hi all! We’ve been having a busy time here, but I thought I’d check in. I’ve had an exciting delivery in the mail. I love that! I’ve been on a buying bender, at least that’s what it is for me. I know that some people have huge yarn stashes, but I don’t really. However, the stash is growing, and I really need to get to the knitting part of the equation. Anyway, here’s the latest acquisition.


Hempathy Yarn


This is Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn, which is 34% hemp, 41% cotton, and 25% modal. I’ve never knit with it before, and I can’t wait to try it out! I’m going to knit a sweater, but I haven’t decided what one to do yet, hence the purchasing of numerous pattern books. The yarn is the 004 white beach colourway. The yarn and four pattern books came from The Yarn and Fiber Company. Their prices were the least expensive I’ve seen, and the shipping was free!!!! Woo! You all know how I feel about that! Anyway, nuf said.

I have garden photos coming out my ears. I don’t know what I’ll show you next year, because you’ll have seen every flower in my garden already. I can’t seem to help myself. I’ll leave you with a couple more.


June Garden


Unknown Plant


I can’t remember what this plant is. If anyone can enlighten me, I’d like to get some more of it. This one little patch looks a bit lonely.

Wow, I really had fun finding eye candy for today!


Jacob's Ladder


This is a flowering plant called Jacob’s Ladder, which I planted a few years ago, on the edge of the woods. I planted a few of them actually. They add a sparkle to the shade. It’s too bad they don’t bloom all summer.


Jacob's Ladder


I braved all sorts of insects to get these shots though. Do the black flies ever love me!!! My daughter says they like my “juice”. Yeah, whatever. These are the kind of tiny bugs that hover right directly in front of your face. Then they bite…and leave you oozing blood. Then you have a crazy itch to remember them by. So anyway, enjoy the pics okay?


Jacobs Ladder




The up-side is that the black flies only usually hang around until the end of June. Then we’re free of them. Woo!

Today was my daughter’s graduation from preschool. There was a ceremony and everything. Do you remember having a graduation ceremony after preschool? I certainly don’t. This was really lots of fun though. They held it at a camp resort by a lake. There was a campfire, with singing and s’mores, a scavenger hunt, games, the ceremony, lunch, and boating and swimming! Very cool.


Paddle Boating


My daughter and I are in the blue paddle boat in the above picture. We’re kind of far away though, aren’t we? Oh well, it’s the best DH could do. We were just too fast for him I guess. How many other lakes provide their own icebergs to climb? I’ve never seen that before. It was literally for climbing, with foot holds and everything, up an inflated plactic iceberg. Only in Canada…eh? I guess it would be fun to slide down again, as long as you didn’t hit the foot holds on the way down. On the right, was an inflated, floating trampoline. There was a slide coming off of that too.


Picking Paddles


There’s my son picking out a paddle. Where did he think he was going? We all had so much fun. For the kids, it started the summer out on the right foot. For instance, swimming lessons are looking pretty good to them right now!

My thanks to everyone who commented on their colour preferences for the blanket to be. I really appreciate the help! Lisa even suggested that I try making it with northen animals on it instead, so perhaps deer, bunnies, bears….ooooh moose. I know that Lisa would have lots of ideas! However, my daughter has been stating her preference for the elephants and girraffs…..and I’ll have to live with her pleas as I knit this blanket.


Girraff Art Elephant Art


Zebra Art


Well, the outline of the zebra didn’t scan too well, but you get the idea. Sorry to subject you to the above jouvenile art, but our four year old daughter is so proud of it, and I’m a very proud “mama”.

 So anyway, I think I’ll stick with the girraffs and elephants for the blanket, if they’re so popular with the wee ones. Your comments yesterday overwhelmingly showed a preference for option #3….the green/yellow/taupe. So, I ordered the yarn in those colours and it’s on the way! Once again I’ll be knitting in green, just the way I like it. You all have me very curious about option #1 as well though. I wonder what a blanket in those colours would turn out like? I think it’s a riskier choice, especially as I haven’t seen the yarn in person, but I still wonder about it.

Speaking of green….I’ve been doing some stash enhancement.


Louet Gems  Louet Gems


This is Louet Gems merino in the Sage colourway. I purchased it, and the other following sock yarns at the Loopy Ewe. This was my first time buying anything from there, but now I know why everyone speaks so highly of it. It’s an online shop, but nevertheless personal service abounds. My real reason for ordering there though, was the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping from the U.S. to Canada has increased sharply. I was looking at Sundara’s website, as I have a gift certificate to use, and she’s now charging a flat rate of $17.00 for shipping. That would be what…about $20.00 Canadian. To top it off, the last time I purchased 4 skeins of yarn from Sundara, it cost me $21.00 in duty. So, to order again would mean approximately $41.00 on top of the price of the yarn. That’s $41.00 that I’d rather be spending on yarn! This is not to pick on Sundara in any way, because what she’s charging for shipping seems to be the norm at the moment. I’m just using this as an example.  However, on the other hand, Sheri, at the Loopy Ewe is only charging a $10.00 flat rate for shipping. She took a great deal of time to research a way to do it more affordably. There is a way to do it, and I really appreciate that effort!


Claudia Hand Painted

  • Claudia Hand Painted Yarn – DF Green Colourway


So, I made my yarn order from the Loopy Ewe and guess what happened next? Sheri immediately emailed me to thank me for my order, and to inform me that the actual price for shipping would be $5.00, and she would reimberse me for the other 5 bucks! I was stunned. Really, how often does that happen in today’s world?


Panda Cotton

  • Crystal Palace Panda Cotton – Faded Jeans Colourway


The yarn was sent immediately, and I received it in very good time. All’s well that ends well!

My husband and I know a couple who have been trying forever, forever, to get pregnant. Now, thanks to the help of Dr. Soandso, they are expecting a baby in October! We are so extremely happy for them. I’d really like to knit something special. I was thinking about a sweater, but DH thought a baby blanket would be nice. I have a pattern from Animal Knits by Zoë Mellor that I think is cute. The pattern calls for Rowan Cotton Glace, but I need a less expensive alternative. I was thinking about using Elann Sonata instead. I’m having some trouble picking out the colours though. I was wondering if you could give me your advice? One problem is that I don’t know the gender of the baby. So, the colours would have to be gender neutral.

I tried to find an online photo of the blanket I want to knit. I couldn’t find one, so I guess I’ll post one myself. I’m a bit worried about copyright issues, but I know that other people post pictures like this, so I hope I’m not over the line. Don’t hurt me. (Please understand that I have not knit this yet. This is a photo from the book.)


Baby blanket


Those are rusty orange colours in there, blues, and a very light yellow. The orange colours in the Sonata yarn are less rusty. Anyway, I’ve been working on some options. Which do you like better?


Test Colours 1   Test Colours 2   Test Colours 3

                                       1                                   2                                  3


Test Colours 4   Test Colours 6   Test Colours 5

                                         4                                 5                                   6


You can click on any of the above swatches to see larger versions. Any help out there? Any other ideas entirely? Should I stick with doing a sweater? Ha! This is way too much thinking…not enough knitting.

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