Wow, I really had fun finding eye candy for today!


Jacob's Ladder


This is a flowering plant called Jacob’s Ladder, which I planted a few years ago, on the edge of the woods. I planted a few of them actually. They add a sparkle to the shade. It’s too bad they don’t bloom all summer.


Jacob's Ladder


I braved all sorts of insects to get these shots though. Do the black flies ever love me!!! My daughter says they like my “juice”. Yeah, whatever. These are the kind of tiny bugs that hover right directly in front of your face. Then they bite…and leave you oozing blood. Then you have a crazy itch to remember them by. So anyway, enjoy the pics okay?


Jacobs Ladder




The up-side is that the black flies only usually hang around until the end of June. Then we’re free of them. Woo!

Today was my daughter’s graduation from preschool. There was a ceremony and everything. Do you remember having a graduation ceremony after preschool? I certainly don’t. This was really lots of fun though. They held it at a camp resort by a lake. There was a campfire, with singing and s’mores, a scavenger hunt, games, the ceremony, lunch, and boating and swimming! Very cool.


Paddle Boating


My daughter and I are in the blue paddle boat in the above picture. We’re kind of far away though, aren’t we? Oh well, it’s the best DH could do. We were just too fast for him I guess. How many other lakes provide their own icebergs to climb? I’ve never seen that before. It was literally for climbing, with foot holds and everything, up an inflated plactic iceberg. Only in Canada…eh? I guess it would be fun to slide down again, as long as you didn’t hit the foot holds on the way down. On the right, was an inflated, floating trampoline. There was a slide coming off of that too.


Picking Paddles


There’s my son picking out a paddle. Where did he think he was going? We all had so much fun. For the kids, it started the summer out on the right foot. For instance, swimming lessons are looking pretty good to them right now!