This post shows proof that, yes, I have been knitting. Not much has been working out, but I have been knitting. Something will come of it eventually. This item however, will be thrown in the frog pond.


Cable and Rib Jacket


This was a gauge misadventure. I did a swatch; really I did. The pattern says to do such and such stitches and rows, “over rib patt, when slightly stretched.” Huh? One person’s stretched is not another person’s stretched. Anywho, I had my doubts about the whole thing, so I didn’t start my knitting with the back. I started the left front instead (fewer stitches). This would fit me I think,… body armour. I don’t like things to fit so snuggly. Clearly, I need help with the term “negative ease”. I need more of the “ease” part of the equation. So, I’ll start again, with larger needles.

This is was the Cable and Rib Jacket from “Wish You Were Here!” by Debbie Bliss. I’m trying a yarn substitution, using Rowan All Seasons Cotton.


Iris and Peonies




There are some more garden pics for you. I’m so behind on my blog reading. I’ve got to get caught up with what all my favourite knitters are up to. However, right now I’m off to mow the lawn!