Well it has happened. I’ve officially been spending way too much time on Ravelry. I haven’t even been exploring it for my own projects, or organizing my knitterly thoughts and materials. No, I’ve been trying to help out. Everyone…Casey, Jess, Thomasina (I don’t know where they’d be without Thomasina!)….everyone has been working so hard. I really can see why it’s still in Beta mode. There have been so many changes even in the short time that I’ve been in there. There’s so much left to do….and so many unedited patterns and yarns! Every time more invitations go out, the number of patterns and yarns increases. It’s hard to keep a handle on it. I love it though. It’s a time sucker upper for now, but it will be a great resource in the future. If you’re not in Ravelry, but you’re curious about it, take a look at Katherine’s post on the topic on her blog.

Now Ravelry has “Groups“. Have mercy. I promised myself that I would not get sucked into any groups! No groups. No groups. Well I’m now a moderator for a group called “Canadian Yarn Shopping”. *hanging my head* I’m still trying to keep the groups to a minimum. To be honest though, sometimes it looks like I’m logged into Ravelry, when actually I’m off changing a diaper, getting lunch, wiping runny noses, filling a wading pool, mowing the lawn…… I forget to log off 😉

Anyway, whether you’re in Ravelry or not, if you love knitting you may want to read this: TechCrunch. This is what the techies are saying about Ravelry. They can’t believe that so many (17,000) people have been waiting to get in! They can’t believe that so many “grandmotherly types”, who “knit doilies”, can even log onto the internet!! Oh my. Well, the knitters struck back. There were 74 comments at my last count. I would say that those particular techies are feeling a bit sheepish right now. 😉

Look at this!

Yarn Kitty


Is that not a hilarious picture? That’s a picture of Prussia, my sister’s Ragdoll kitty. My sister has taken some wonderful photos, has made them into note cards, and has been selling them in a knitting shop in Toronto. (They’re not sold with the big “C” on the front.) I suggested that she open an Etsy shop too, so she did! Here it is Moiface-Dangerart. I just noticed that she added some felted ipod covers too. Now, where did the name Moiface-Dangerart come from? Good question. Moiface, because her name is Moira. I don’t understand Dangerart, because she’s my angelic baby sister. Have things changed since you moved to the big city Moira? Hmmmm. I think a visit from big sis may be in order. While we are very different from one another (she’s 15 years younger….*hanging my head again*), we do have quite a few things in common. Blogging, knitting and photography are our shared addictions, obsessions, passtimes. If you do happen to visit her blog, turn down your speakers a bit first, or you may be in for a bit of a surprise. Sometimes I’m nearly blown off my chair.