Okay, in my last post I mentioned that if you visited my sister’s blog, you might want to turn down your computer speakers a smidge. This was not to indicate that I have a problem with the “rock and roll music listenings”, as she put it in the comments. Rather, it’s the initial “Yeowl” at the beginning that knocks me off my feet sometimes. Also, to my dear sister, that’s because I’ve had the speakers on loudly to begin with. I rather like the music selections. The girl is trying to make me sound ancient! Okay, so I’m still fond of OMD, New Order, The Smiths, U2……..but I’m not stuck there, and why can’t a girl listen to a bit of Simon and Garfunkel, or Eagles, every now and then just to reflect? 🙂 I most certainly do own more current music. Hee, hee, don’t we sound like sisters?


Rainy Day


Rainy Day


It has been a grey, rainy day here, but I tried my best for Eye Candy Friday. We really did need the rain anyway.






Have you ever smelled lavender in the rain? Mmmmmmm. Where’s that Simon and Garfunkel CD anyway?