August 2007

My mother-in-law is here for another visit. She just arrived today, so we’ll have a fun/busy weekend ahead. I don’t have much time today, but I do have time for an Eye Candy Friday shot. This was taken a couple of nights ago, as my husband and I were relaxing on the porch. It’s best to enjoy these balmy evenings while they’re still here!


Twilight hours


By the way, my mother-in-law has just finished knitting her eighth pair of felted clogs in a month! I’ve created a monster! Seriously, she can’t stop. Do YOU need a pair of clogs?


Owed (sic) to the Snover


Sailing 2007




We’re on a cruise

To Fredericton

And we’ll get drowned

Before we’re done

And if we do

It’ll be your loss

You’ll lose a crew

That’s hard to boss.



Sailing 2007




Our brand of work

Just can’t be beat

We fix the meals

And oh! What eats!

We have the girls

But that is nought

For they’re a dumb

And lazy lot.



Sailing 2007



There’s the Captain too

And the Captain’s wife

They rule the crew

And what a life!

They make us rise

When it strikes 8 bells

And if we don’t

We sure get hell!



Sailing 2007



This is an excerpt of a poem written by my late grandmother “Tiny Gran”, as a young girl (about 1922). It was written about a boat cruise, on her father’s boat the “Snover”. The yacht shown in the top picture is the new incarnation of the Snover. It’s my father’s new boat, and we were able to see her this weekend, for the first time. We had a wonderful time!

The yacht pictured beneath, in two following pictures is the Mystic. The Mystic was the sailboat of my youth, the one that I crewed, and swabbed the decks ( erm, occasionally *cough*). It’s no longer owned by my family. However, she sailed by us as we sat in the harbour, and freaked us all out. We hadn’t seen the Mystic in ten years, and she’s look’n fine!

Note 1: Obviously, my father likes the colour green too, because he styled both boats very similarly.

Note 2: Knitting continues…

I have some eye candy Friday photos for you. I’ll post them quickly, and then I have to get back to knitting my sweater. It would be done by now, if I wasn’t so caught up in Ravelry editing! Oh well. It’s all in fun.




Here’s our river valley again, taken at dusk a couple of days ago.


River Valley


River Valley


River Valley


I love this view, but I really need a better lens to do it any justice at all.

Okay, so back to the knitting. Have a great weekend everyone!

Eye Candy Friday to be sure!


Knitting pretty


Yyyyeeeah. I bought ELEVEN books from the Knit Picks sale. It appears that today is the final day of the sale. In my defense for purchasing so many…well I have few excuses explanations.

  • Due to medical reasons, we are tied to home and it’s boring. Reading material, especially knitting reading material is a perker upper.
  • Also, being tied to home, we save money by not traveling. (Although some drugs cost major money. Seriously! Thank goodness for knowledgeable Social Workers who can help wade through the bureaucratic muck!!!!)
  • I’ve been knitting since I was five years old. My knitting book collection needed to be updated.
  • I’ve had some of these books on a wish list for birthdays and Christmas’ for almost 2 years. I decided that no one else was going to buy them for me, and they weren’t just going to fall from the heavens.
  • Forty percent off sale….that was all the push I needed.

You’ll probably notice a blue cast to the photo. That’s because I’m hangin’ out in the shade. Have a great weekend!

I‘m still in the Harlot zone. I still can’t get over the whole trip to Halifax. As fantastic as it was to meet Stephanie herself, the highlight was to be able to meet so many other east coast knitters. As people began to leave after the event, I wanted to grab hold of them and ask them to stay a while longer. There were so many people that I didn’t get introduced to, and so many glimpses of awesome projects…but no chance for explanations of materials or pattern. It was impossible to meet everyone. Some people did hang around for a while, and I’m so grateful to have met them!! People got some great photos too. The Yarn Harlot mentioned Alison’s pictures, and I think that Leslie has some great ones too…nice ones of the crowd. I’m in one of Jess’s pictures – the one taken in the pub. You can only see me from the back, and my curly mop of hair. I’m on the right wearing white. I hope she emails me a copy, so I can print it off. I still can’t believe I was there; it’s all such a blur.

I mentioned that I had seven hour bus rides, to and from Halifax. I was nice to have that peaceful time to knit. A little girl, about 13 years old, sat beside me for a few hours. Her eyes were glued to my knitting the entire time. It was disconcerting, but cute.

I worked on three different projects while I was away. I worked on the mystery Hempathy sweater, the Animal Baby Blanket, and my second Shetland Triangle. I’m on the eighth pattern repeat of the Shetland Triangle now.

I think that the Hempathy sweater might actually be working out! So, I’ll tell the story on that now. Months ago, I saw someone wearing a sweater that I just absolutely loved. The sweater’s owner probably purchased it somewhere, but I didn’t get the chance to ask. The sweater was a lightweight cardigan, that had the look of linen. It sloped up the front edges, and had a ruffle around the edge, and at the sleeves. A ruffle sounds hideous doesn’t it? It wasn’t hideous; it was beautiful. I wanted to try to make one. Have you ever tried to make something, when you have something so specific in mind? I thought I was doomed to failure.

Not much other knitting was done while I scoured the internet for just the right yarn and pattern. I finally selected the Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn, and I’m glad I did. The drape and weight is perfect for what I had in mind. The pattern was more difficult, and this is where I reveal the mystery. I selected Debbie Bliss’ Frill Edged Cardigan. The modeled photo on the pattern makes the sweater look a bit slouchy, but I’m hoping that’s just a bad picture. The pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK, a far cry from the Hempathy I had in mind. More than one person tried to talk me out of it, but dang it all, I wanted to do it!!


Hempathy Sweater


That’s what I’ve done so far. My row gauge is off, but I’m compensating by adding a few rows here and there. The fronts and back of the sweater are knit all at once on a circular needle. I used the 3.5 mm Knit Picks Options needles, with a 47″ cord. Now that I’ve cast off the two sides, I’m just finishing up the back. It’s nice to get rid of some of those stitches! What’s great about having a set of Knit Picks needles is that I can switch to a shorter cord, now that I’m working with fewer stitches. There is a textured vertical line throughout the sweater. You can hardly see it in my photos, but I hope that it shows up better after blocking.


Hempathy Sweater


It wasn’t too bad lugging this sweater all the way to Halifax and back. I actually fit four projects in one little bag. The sweater can be folded into a little, lightweight bundle and carted just about anywhere.


Hempathy Sweater


So, that’s the story on the mystery project. I really had my worries about whether it would work out or not. It seems to be okay so far. I hope I haven’t jinxed anything now!!

The Yarn Harlot that is. It was so much fun…and it went by so fast that I can’t believe I’m back home already! Where do I begin with the recap? Well, after a very full day of shopping (not at yarn stores), I met up with Kelly, and her husband who’s affectionately known as “Moose”, at The Loop yarn shop. Kelly is the very first knit blogger that I’ve been able to meet in person! We’ve been emailing back and forth, and it was such a pleasure to finally meet in person. Here’s a photo…from left to right are “Moose”, Kelly, and another New Brunswick knit blogger I met, Mary.


NB Knitters


Kelly bought some yarn at the Loop; I’m sure she’ll mention it on her blog. I didn’t purchase anything at the time, thinking I’d be able to go back the next day. Also, I thought I might visit Tangled Skeins (no link) in Dartmouth; however, I didn’t get the chance to do either thing. Oh well, no complaints.

After the yarn shop excursion, we headed to The Lord Nelson, where Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) was due to speak. We arrived an hour early, and judging from the others congregating there, we knew we were in the right place.


Knitters in Halifax


Those are some Nova Scotia knitters, and even though I was prepared with pen and paper (and was teased about this by the Harlot herself), I did not get their names. Bad blogger! (Edited to add: Thanks to Cate I can add some names. Cate is seated on the floor, and you can only see her from the back. Jenna is sitting on a chair next to Cate. The baby is Gabe, held by Leslie, who escaped my aim with the camera. The rest of the knitters (who you can actually see better) remain a mystery). Anyway, this just looks like a few knitters right? Well, in no time flat the lobby was packed with people. I did not get a picture of the massive crowd. Bad blogger again! If you want to see more pictures go to the Knitting Out Loud (Halifax knitting group) website. There is a list of Halifax knit blogger links to check out.

Finally, we were seated and out came the Yarn Harlot. Yay!! Here’s a rather grainy picture. I don’t know why it turned out like that, I wasn’t that far away. We got good seats actually! I made sure that I got a better picture later.


Yarn Harlot


The talk (it shouldn’t be called a speech) was hilarious! I actually cried I was laughing so hard. Stephanie asked if any of us found it difficult to explain to our muggles what we were doing that evening. How’d she know? I had been trying to wrangle drives and a place to stay, and was trying to explain to muggles my mad urgency to reach Halifax. It’s a “knitting convention“!! That did NOT work. I tried this, “I want to hear a certain author speak”. When they couldn’t understand the vast importance of this I would add “It’s a knitting author!” No go. Finally, I explained, “I want to see this fabulous comedian; I really need to laugh”. That did it! ….and laugh I did!

Later Stephanie signed my book, and I made sure I took a better picture.


Yarn Harlot


I also had the pleasure of meeting Deb Barnhill, Knitty knit designer extraordinaire. We have also emailed back and forth, and I was so pleased to be able to meet her in person. She’s wonderful, bubbly, enthusiastic….and it’s catchy. She noticed immediately the Bayerische Sock that I have hibernating in my knitting bag. She has been knitting a sweater out of the same Knit Picks Gloss. Anyway, my socks have been on hold because I know I’m going to run out of yarn. Deb was knitting some knee socks for her daughter. She started the second one at the beginning of the event, and was well on the way to finishing it by the time the evening was over.


Deb Barnhill


By the time I had purchased the book I wanted, and had gotten it signed; I realized that I was one of the last people there. I was also starving. It was 9 pm and I hadn’t eaten. Somehow, I found myself at the Victory Arms Pub in the Lord Nelson Hotel, with Deb, many members of the Knitting Out Loud knitting group, THE YARN HARLOT, and her very good friend Tim who is Master and Commander of the Tall Ship “Silva”!! It was surreal. How did I manage that? I was at a loss for words. What came out of mouth, I can not recount. It was probably gibberish, as I polished off two bottles of beer and my dinner. It was not the beer at fault, but my inability to wrap my mind around being in this company. AGAIN I have no pictures of this. Check out others. I hope I’m not in any of them.

Some of you know that I have another hobby, genealogy. I took advantage of my stay in Halifax to traipse through a couple of graveyards. I’ll spare you those photos!! I took pictures of Salter Street, which was named after my sixth great grandfather, Malachy Salter.


Salter Street, Halifax, NS


Salter Street, Halifax, NS


Unfortunately, it appears that no historic buildings remain on Salter Street. The Salter home was apparently demolished in 1997. However, clad in metal siding, it’s tattered appearance belied it’s historic significance. Malachy Salter was born in Boston, and became a merchant and M.P.P. of Halifax in the early 1700s. I have also unfortunately discovered that he “owned” at least one slave. In genealogy research you have to be prepared to discover things that may be perplexing. You can’t choose your ancestors. I think it’s important to acknowledge the truths of history, rather than avoid them.

Anyway, it was a great mini-vacation for me. I stayed at my grandmother’s house, while I was in Halifax. She’s my grandmother from the other side of my family, so not a Salter descendant. Unfortunately, she was away while I was there! It was strange to stay at her house and not have a visit with her. She and my aunt are due back in Halifax, but I’m already back at home.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. It was a seven hour bus ride to Halifax, and seven hours back again. Lots of knitting was done. This has already been a lengthy post, so more on that another time!

We’re having electrical storms here. So, I’ll just quickly post today’s eye candy. It’s probably best to shut down the computer before it gets fried!

Here are some shots taken around town. This is a pedestrian bridge; the Loyalist graveyard is at the end of the street.


Pedestrian Bridge


At the bottom of the pedestrian bridge, and to the right is this little old guard house, next to the soldiers’ barracks of days gone by.


Old Guard House, Barracks


The Green


Most importantly, these were all taken in close proximity to the library, where I was checking out some very lovely knitting books!

Now, of course the storm appears to be over, the sun is out, and we had no rain. This is really unusual weather for the Maritimes. As Lisa says, “It’s stinkin’ hot!”