Eye Candy Friday to be sure!


Knitting pretty


Yyyyeeeah. I bought ELEVEN books from the Knit Picks sale. It appears that today is the final day of the sale. In my defense for purchasing so many…well I have few excuses explanations.

  • Due to medical reasons, we are tied to home and it’s boring. Reading material, especially knitting reading material is a perker upper.
  • Also, being tied to home, we save money by not traveling. (Although some drugs cost major money. Seriously! Thank goodness for knowledgeable Social Workers who can help wade through the bureaucratic muck!!!!)
  • I’ve been knitting since I was five years old. My knitting book collection needed to be updated.
  • I’ve had some of these books on a wish list for birthdays and Christmas’ for almost 2 years. I decided that no one else was going to buy them for me, and they weren’t just going to fall from the heavens.
  • Forty percent off sale….that was all the push I needed.

You’ll probably notice a blue cast to the photo. That’s because I’m hangin’ out in the shade. Have a great weekend!