Owed (sic) to the Snover


Sailing 2007




We’re on a cruise

To Fredericton

And we’ll get drowned

Before we’re done

And if we do

It’ll be your loss

You’ll lose a crew

That’s hard to boss.



Sailing 2007




Our brand of work

Just can’t be beat

We fix the meals

And oh! What eats!

We have the girls

But that is nought

For they’re a dumb

And lazy lot.



Sailing 2007



There’s the Captain too

And the Captain’s wife

They rule the crew

And what a life!

They make us rise

When it strikes 8 bells

And if we don’t

We sure get hell!



Sailing 2007



This is an excerpt of a poem written by my late grandmother “Tiny Gran”, as a young girl (about 1922). It was written about a boat cruise, on her father’s boat the “Snover”. The yacht shown in the top picture is the new incarnation of the Snover. It’s my father’s new boat, and we were able to see her this weekend, for the first time. We had a wonderful time!

The yacht pictured beneath, in two following pictures is the Mystic. The Mystic was the sailboat of my youth, the one that I crewed, and swabbed the decks ( erm, occasionally *cough*). It’s no longer owned by my family. However, she sailed by us as we sat in the harbour, and freaked us all out. We hadn’t seen the Mystic in ten years, and she’s look’n fine!

Note 1: Obviously, my father likes the colour green too, because he styled both boats very similarly.

Note 2: Knitting continues…