Thanks for your comments regarding all of my mom-in-law’s felted clogs. Unfortunately, she didn’t bring them with her, and some have been given away. Otherwise, I would’ve taken a picture of them, all in a row. I’d like to see them myself! I guess she made an assortment of colours. She really has run out of people to give them to though. She’s now trying to convince our menfolk that they DO need felted clogs or slippers, but they’re just not going for it. If you haven’t tried the Fiber Trends Felt Clogs pattern, give it a go! It’s magic. Really it is. Be warned that it’s addictive too! If my MIL makes any more, I now have some idea where to send them. Thanks for the requests! Hee hee!

Look at these stitch markers!


Stitch Markers


Aren’t they adorable? Honestly, I’ve never bothered with stitch markers before. Instead, I’ve just opted to use scraps of yarn. However, I saw these ones and I had to get them.


Stitch Markers Stitch Markers

Stitch Marker


They’re from Sunneshine’s Etsy Shop. They’re handmade and so detailed! She also makes stitch markers in pewter. If any of you have a fondness for Harry Potter, she has Harry Potter themed stitch markers. She can also customize the bead colours to correspond with the different “houses”. My stitch markers came in a little organza bag, which was then soooo nicely wrapped….and even contained a card!


Package of Stitch Markers Stitch Markers


Not only that, but there was a lovely bonus stitch marker enclosed! A sunshine from Sunneshine!


Stitch Marker


I recognized Sunneshine’s name from the “We Call Them Pirates” KAL last winter. We had commented back and forth, but I didn’t know about her Etsy shop until I stumbled upon it recently. I’m so glad I found it! If you read this, thanks Sunneshine!