Pardon me for my lack of blog posts lately. It has been an emotional, and tumultuous week. You may think that some new health issue has arisen, but no….it was my daughter’s first week of kindergarten! Ack! Big kid school. Long days. Emotional child. Emotional me.

Call me silly, but I’m having a problem with hauling my five year old out of bed at 6:15 am, in order to have her at the bus stop on time. School starts at 8 am!! When I was young, school started at 9 am. What was wrong with that? Beginning in grade 3, these children go to school from 8 am to 3 pm. That’s a whole extra hour of school per day than in my youth. THEN, they’re expected to do a half hour of homework per day, when they get home! My daughter has already brought home 10 minutes of homework a day….for kindergarten, for crying out loud!

First day of school

My daughter is used to having 12 hours of sleep every night. To continue that level of sleep, she would have to be in bed at 6 pm. That’s our normal dinner hour! So, dinner is now earlier. I still can’t see when the children are to have baths, and homework……never mind PLAY! I think the 8 am start time for school, has working parents in mind, not the best interests of the child. As for homework….has anyone read The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much Of A Bad Thing? I just don’t think that homework is needed in the elementary school years. If the work can’t be done in the huge number of hours that children are in school, then something is very wrong. I understand that one on one instruction is very important, but that should be available in school also. There should be time remaining in the day, for other important things. There are other types of learning, besides what’s learned in schools, and I think they help to form a well rounded individual.

The school district’s policy on homework and study habits is that, “…if begun in the early grades, this should have a lifelong impact on your child”. That’s what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid that it could affect her adversely. In fact, there is research to prove it. Also, the school district’s statement leads me to believe that homework is being sent home, not to further knowledge, but to instil some sort of work ethic….in kindergarten children!! Isn’t getting up at 6 :15 am every day, to go to school enough? Hurumph! Get this,…they are now putting special sensors, in the new school buses, to detect whether or not a child has fallen asleep and missed their stop. They did not need those in my day. My suggestion would be to start school at a more reasonable hour instead. Then, use the money that would have been spent on sensors, and equip the buses with seat belts! Now there’s an idea! That’s the end of my rant. Yes, this is still a knitting blog. However, if anyone has any feedback on this, one way or the other, I would be very pleased to hear it.

Alrighty then, in other news, I’m still working on this endless sweater.


Hempathy sweater


Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying knitting it. I’d just rather be wearing it. I’m nearing the home stretch. However, I’m currently doing the ruffle edging, which seems to go on into infinity. When you’re knitting an infinitely long ruffle, the last thing you want to read in the pattern is, “increase row”. Gah!

Last but not least, I have an Eye Candy Friday photo.




This big guy perched itself on my husband’s foot, and would not go away! It’s Eye Candy Friday at my husband’s suggestion. “Quick get the camera!”

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will!