October 2007

We had a great time! Here are our pumpkins. The face of Thomas The Train was my son’s choice, and the kitty cat was for my daughter. Thanks to Carol for giving me pumpkin picture taking tips. This was the best I could do, but a vast improvement from other years!


Happy Halloween!


Thanks also to Carol for the great pizza dough recipe on her blog. Pizza is the only food item that the kids are guaranteed to eat quickly. We had to eat fast and get on with the trick-or-treating. It’s a school night after all. The pizza turned out great! No more frozen pizzas, or pizzas from a kit, for us! I was in too much of a hurry to take a picture. So, you’ll just have to take my word for it….it was tasty.

Oh yeah, my daughter dressed as a blue unicorn with wings (yup), and my son dressed as a police officer, and he carried an official looking….flashlight. We had an absolute blast!! I hope you did too.


This will just be a short post today. I promised some photos of my purchases from London-Wul Fibre Arts. Here we go:


Hand Maiden


200g Hand Maiden Sea Silk

It was on sale! It came as a kit, with a pattern for the Storm Water Shawl, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m going to use it for. I’ve often thought that I would like to knit Eunny’s Print O’ The Wave Stole, but I’m not sure what it would look like in a variegated yarn.

I also bought this:


Fleece Artist


115g of Fleece Artist Sea Wool

It looks like I have a colour theme going on here. Anyway, here’s a close up:


Fleece Artist


This yarn feels very soft and sproingy. I can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks for your comments about the 7 Truths Meme. I guess I surprised people with some of my answers! Yup, it’s not all knitting, all the time, at Loopy Knitter. Sometimes it’s just “loopy”. It’s funny how, after I finished the meme, all kinds of other answers came to mind. I hate when that happens!

Edit: It’s 200g of Sea Silk, not 100g as I originally said. Also, Romi’s Muir is another pattern that I like, but I don’t think it suits this yarn. Any ideas for variegated yarn?

Thank you to everyone who commented on my new sweater! I am pleased with it. I can wear it with just about anything. It looks a bit rumpled in the photo, but that’s my casual nature anyway. I explained my frustration about the photo shoot, but I should clarify that my frustration was not with my mother. She was very kind to take the photos for me. Thanks mom! Someone should have taken a photo of us standing in the seaweed. It was comical.

There are just a couple of things I forgot to mention about knitting the sweater. I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Loose Cast Off on the sleeves. However, there was no way I was going to sew the cast off edge, of the infinity ruffle of doom. So, luckily I remembered Wendy mentioning the Stretchy Lace Cast Off in her blog. It saved me! Thanks Wendy!

Now, Katherine tagged me with the 7 Truths meme. It has taken me a while to come up with some answers, and none are as interesting as hers!

Rules –
*Link the person who tagged you
*Tell seven truths about you either funny/different
*Tag seven people at the end of your blog entry
*Leave a message at their blog to tell them they’ve been tagged.

Here it goes:

  • 1. I was bitten on the leg, by a lamprey eel, in Belleisle Bay. It happened when I was a teenager. We were swimming, off our boat, when I felt something nibble my leg. I turned in the water, and a long, silver, tubular, ugly, ugly, thing was sticking straight up in the water, and was attached to my leg. I tried to take it off, but my hand slid along the slimy length of the ugly beastie. Did I mention ugly? I had to grab it by its head and twist, in order to break the suction. Then I threw it as hard as I could. Luckily, it didn’t get any teeth into me, but it left a red welt. Just previous to entering the water, I asked my dad if there were any eels. “No”, he said. Ha!
  • 2. I dated a Survivor.
  • 3. I lost most of my hearing in one ear. It happened literally overnight, 2 1/2 years ago. The doctors say that it’s probably Otosclerosis, which is hastened by pregnancy hormones. However, they won’t know for certain unless they “open me up”. Then, I run the risk of loosing the rest of my hearing in that ear. I say no thank you. As it’s a conductive hearing loss, a simple hearing aid will not help. It would be nice to know what’s wrong though. It started with ringing in the ear, tinnitus, which I ignored. Now, I’m starting to hear ringing in the other ear as well. I’ve read that Otosclerosis is quite rare, and can be hereditary. However, no one else in my family has it! The only person I know of, who has Otosclerosis, is Florence Henderson, from the Brady Bunch. As far as I know, we’re not related. Do you watch CSI? The character Gil Grissom has Otosclerosis.
  • 4. In knitting, I don’t understand “negative ease”, except for socks. When I see a sweater with negative ease, I just think it’s two sizes too small. It looks uncomfortable to me, and I’m all for comfort. However, if my next sweater is too small, I totally did it on purpose ‘kay?
  • 5. My house is fairly clean, but my computer desk is always a complete mess. It’s stacked high with genealogy papers and books, scribbled notes, knitting projects and patterns, and…dust *blush*. If I put things away, I want to be able to readily find them again. I don’t have a good system for that obviously.
  • 6. I’d rather do outdoor yard-work than indoor housework. (Except for shoveling snow, as our driveway is so long). Give me lawn mowing, gardening, porch staining, gravel hauling, lawn edging etc. any day, over dish washing, or floor washing!!
  • 7. Along the same lines, although I can cook well, I’m not fond of it. I’m not fond of it at all. However, I do like to eat!! So, I have to do one, in order to do the other. It’s a love/hate thing. It doesn’t help that while I like varied things, my husband is a meat and potatoes guy. Experimentation is not highly regarded.

I’m tagging these great folks:


…and anyone else who wants to play. If you don’t want to do the meme, no worries. If you’ve already done the meme…oops, sorry!

Today is a dreary, chilly, rainy day. I have not been inspired at all for Eye Candy Friday. I hope you can make do with these photos as eye candy. Luckily, these shots were taken on our nice holiday weekend. Please keep in mind that my face is not usually all squinched up like that. It is an unnatural expression, but the best I could do. I was looking directly into the sun, which I’m sure is a no-no for good photography. In fact, tears started streaming down my face soon afterwards. My mom took the pictures for me, and this is sort of how the conversation went:

Me: “Should we take the photo on the beach in the shade? There’s no seaweed over there.” Pointing.
Mom: “Then you would have that construction area in the background.”
Me: “Oh, right. Should we take it under this tree, in the shade?”
Mom: “I can hardly see you in the pictures, and you have speckled light all over you.”
Me: “Right, okay. How about in this Adirondack chair in the sun?”
Mom: “Too windy. Your hair is all over the place, and do you know you’re frowning?”
Me: “Crap. Okay, how about on the beach, in the sun, out of the wind, water in the background not construction, sun in my eyes *sigh*, and knee deep in seaweed?”
Mom: “Hmmm, I guess, but you’re squinting, and I can’t seem to take these photos without cutting off part of your head.”
Me: “That’s fine. I’ll probably cut off my head anyway.”
Mom: Look of horror. “No, don’t do that!”

So, for my mother, here’s the photo, with my head included, such as it is. More importantly, here’s my FO!!


Frill Edged Cardigan

This pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK, and what I used is nothing like it. However, it turned out as I had hoped. I really like the weight, drape, and feel of the Hempathy yarn. Of course, my gauge was off. So, I added a few rows, here and there, trying not to affect the slope of the front shaping. I used the number of stitches recommended for a size large, for the body, and the number of stitches recommended for a size small for the sleeves. Don’t ask me how, but I ended up with something resembling a medium in both, and that’s what I hoped for. I used a bit of math, but mainly, I used the measurements of an old favourite sweater as my guide.


Frill Edged Cardigan


I thought I was going to have oodles of yarn left over, until I came to the ruffle. The infinity ruffle of doom. It went on forever. I’m convinced that if you knit the ruffle flat, it could cover the width of a king sized bed. It took 3 balls of yarn, and a bit more, just to knit the ruffle. It was so fortuitous that I had purchased the Knit Picks Options needle set, just before starting this project. I needed various needle size and cord length combinations. It was so convenient!

What else can I say about it? Well, I knit the sleeves at the same time….2 balls of yarn, and one circular needle. That way, both sleeves were done exactly the same way. It’s the first time I’ve tried that.


Frill Edged Cardigan Sleeve


Right now, I tie the centre together with some yarn, but I think I’ll try to find some nice ribbon for the purpose….nothing that will show up too much though. I tried a hook and eye, but it just didn’t work out. It was too visible.

So, that’s that! Have a great weekend everyone!

Well, we had a wonderful long weekend for Thanksgiving! It was lovely sunny weather, with just enough of a chill in the air to know that it was fall. We had our turkey dinner at my sister’s cottage, in Shediac, NB. Shediac is home to Parlee Beach Provincial Park and is on the Acadian Coastal Drive. It’s cottage country in a big way! (Someone else has a Flickr photoset of Parlee Beach, and I don’t think it would be out of line to give that link….provided you know that I didn’t take those photos.)

As a genealogist, my own interest in the area, includes its history. Like many other Maritime spots, I have family links to the area that go back for generations. I haven’t spent much time in Shediac myself, but I always have a sense of familiarity, or belonging, when I approach the town. My gr, gr, gr, gr, grandfather (4 greats!), William Hanington was the first English settler in that part of New Brunswick, settling there in the winter of 1785. He trekked 200 miles on foot, overland from Halifax, in the winter, with the help of a Mi’kmaq guide. He worked hard and eventually prospered. He donated land for the construction of this church, which he named St. Martin’s-In-The-Woods, after his home parish in London, England, St. Martin’s-In-The-Fields.


St. Martin's-In-The-Woods


St. Martin’s-In-The-Woods


Are you still with me? I could go on….but I won’t. I’ll spare you. I have other things to write about! You see, before we actually arrived in Shediac, we stopped at London-Wul Fibre Arts, which is located just outside of Moncton, NB.




They were having a sale! What a lovely shop it is too!




Now that I look at these photos again, I wonder what kind of yarn is in the baskets lining the bottom of the shelves. I don’t think I peeked in those baskets! Darn, I’m always thinking of the yarn I left behind. I will write more later about the yarn I actually bought. As my mom and I perused the yarny delights, the rest of our carload got out to feed the goats! They raise Angora Goats at London-Wul, and produce beautiful mohair yarn. Did I take a photo of the goats? No, I didn’t! Bad blogger! I was too busy pondering yarn purchases.

By chance, I met another knit blogger, Tanya, who I’ve been gabbing with as a Ravelry friend. I was so pleased to meet her in person! She was very nice, and showed me all around the store. I was envious of her yarn purchases! She’ll have some fun knitting this winter, that’s for sure. I was also introduced to Line. I know that I saw Line at the Yarn Harlot event, but it was difficult to meet everyone there. I’m so glad that I had another chance. These bloggers live a 2 hour drive away from me, but it was still so nice to meet some other fibre addicts. Seriously, for a while there, I thought I might be the only one in the province! Did I get pictures of them? No, I didn’t! Bad blogger again!

So, later, when our carload arrived in Shediac, a few of us went antiquing. We found this wonderful shop, in someones converted garage.


Shediac Antique Store


That’s one of my beautiful sisters out front. I hope she doesn’t mind that she’s in the picture. Here’s a close-up of the shop:


Shediac Antique Store


No, I didn’t buy anything there. I only wish. After the shopping excursions, we headed for the cottage, where the kids all played together, and the rest of us relaxed by the fire. Then we ate! Thanks sis for a wonderful dinner! Here’s my little guy eyeing his big meal:


Rustic Thanksgiving


All of this, and I haven’t even mentioned my FO! Yes, I finished my sweater! More on that next time.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time at the park last weekend. There were so many family events going on there, it was difficult to choose what to take part in. There was dancing, there were bands, there was face painting, there were balloons, there were sing-a-longs, and there was a puppet show.


Puppet Show in the Park


There was also a petting zoo:


Petting Zoo in the Park


One of the highlights of the day was when one of the goats got loose! It was skipping to and fro, and was highly amusing. Here’s my daughter feeding one of the llamas:


Petting Zoo in the Park


It was a beautiful day, in fact, we’ve had wonderfully warm days all week. In these pictures, my daughter was wearing a jacket, but only because she was recovering from the sniffles. We had a nature walk after the festivities. Paths forked, here and there, and my daughter led the way. We teased each other that we were lost. She was so proud of herself when we finally emerged from the woods.


Walk in the Park


Duck Pond


These are my real “Eye Candy Friday” photos though….fall colours:


Fall Colours


Fall Colours


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here, in Canada, and we do have a lot to be thankful for! We’ll be travelling a bit, and celebrating with family. I may even take in a yarn sale!! Woot! However, between you and me, I’m a bit worried that Deb Barnhill (Knitting Pharm) might get there before me, and take all the good stuff! I don’t know for sure if she’ll be going, but I have a sneaking suspicion. Have a great weekend everyone!

As my son is now three years old, I thought it might be high time to relegate his baby booties to storage. I have a memory chest, of sorts, for special items. I’m currently still knitting my endless Hempathy sweater, and the edging ruffle is kicking my b*tt. So, as I can’t blog about that yet, I thought you might like to see these.


Teddy Booties


  • Pattern: Animal Bootees by Zoë Mellor, Teddy version
  • Needles: Can’t remember

You can probably tell by a bit of pilling on these, that they have been well worn and well loved. I’ve made numerous pairs as gifts over the years. Each one seems to have a character of its own. However, what I especially like about them is the cuff. Active, kicking, newborn feet can’t kick these off! They stay put, keeping baby’s feet warm and toasty.


Teddy Booties