My daughter and I had a wonderful time at the park last weekend. There were so many family events going on there, it was difficult to choose what to take part in. There was dancing, there were bands, there was face painting, there were balloons, there were sing-a-longs, and there was a puppet show.


Puppet Show in the Park


There was also a petting zoo:


Petting Zoo in the Park


One of the highlights of the day was when one of the goats got loose! It was skipping to and fro, and was highly amusing. Here’s my daughter feeding one of the llamas:


Petting Zoo in the Park


It was a beautiful day, in fact, we’ve had wonderfully warm days all week. In these pictures, my daughter was wearing a jacket, but only because she was recovering from the sniffles. We had a nature walk after the festivities. Paths forked, here and there, and my daughter led the way. We teased each other that we were lost. She was so proud of herself when we finally emerged from the woods.


Walk in the Park


Duck Pond


These are my real “Eye Candy Friday” photos though….fall colours:


Fall Colours


Fall Colours


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here, in Canada, and we do have a lot to be thankful for! We’ll be travelling a bit, and celebrating with family. I may even take in a yarn sale!! Woot! However, between you and me, I’m a bit worried that Deb Barnhill (Knitting Pharm) might get there before me, and take all the good stuff! I don’t know for sure if she’ll be going, but I have a sneaking suspicion. Have a great weekend everyone!