Well, we had a wonderful long weekend for Thanksgiving! It was lovely sunny weather, with just enough of a chill in the air to know that it was fall. We had our turkey dinner at my sister’s cottage, in Shediac, NB. Shediac is home to Parlee Beach Provincial Park and is on the Acadian Coastal Drive. It’s cottage country in a big way! (Someone else has a Flickr photoset of Parlee Beach, and I don’t think it would be out of line to give that link….provided you know that I didn’t take those photos.)

As a genealogist, my own interest in the area, includes its history. Like many other Maritime spots, I have family links to the area that go back for generations. I haven’t spent much time in Shediac myself, but I always have a sense of familiarity, or belonging, when I approach the town. My gr, gr, gr, gr, grandfather (4 greats!), William Hanington was the first English settler in that part of New Brunswick, settling there in the winter of 1785. He trekked 200 miles on foot, overland from Halifax, in the winter, with the help of a Mi’kmaq guide. He worked hard and eventually prospered. He donated land for the construction of this church, which he named St. Martin’s-In-The-Woods, after his home parish in London, England, St. Martin’s-In-The-Fields.


St. Martin's-In-The-Woods


St. Martinā€™s-In-The-Woods


Are you still with me? I could go on….but I won’t. I’ll spare you. I have other things to write about! You see, before we actually arrived in Shediac, we stopped at London-Wul Fibre Arts, which is located just outside of Moncton, NB.




They were having a sale! What a lovely shop it is too!




Now that I look at these photos again, I wonder what kind of yarn is in the baskets lining the bottom of the shelves. I don’t think I peeked in those baskets! Darn, I’m always thinking of the yarn I left behind. I will write more later about the yarn I actually bought. As my mom and I perused the yarny delights, the rest of our carload got out to feed the goats! They raise Angora Goats at London-Wul, and produce beautiful mohair yarn. Did I take a photo of the goats? No, I didn’t! Bad blogger! I was too busy pondering yarn purchases.

By chance, I met another knit blogger, Tanya, who I’ve been gabbing with as a Ravelry friend. I was so pleased to meet her in person! She was very nice, and showed me all around the store. I was envious of her yarn purchases! She’ll have some fun knitting this winter, that’s for sure. I was also introduced to Line. I know that I saw Line at the Yarn Harlot event, but it was difficult to meet everyone there. I’m so glad that I had another chance. These bloggers live a 2 hour drive away from me, but it was still so nice to meet some other fibre addicts. Seriously, for a while there, I thought I might be the only one in the province! Did I get pictures of them? No, I didn’t! Bad blogger again!

So, later, when our carload arrived in Shediac, a few of us went antiquing. We found this wonderful shop, in someones converted garage.


Shediac Antique Store


That’s one of my beautiful sisters out front. I hope she doesn’t mind that she’s in the picture. Here’s a close-up of the shop:


Shediac Antique Store


No, I didn’t buy anything there. I only wish. After the shopping excursions, we headed for the cottage, where the kids all played together, and the rest of us relaxed by the fire. Then we ate! Thanks sis for a wonderful dinner! Here’s my little guy eyeing his big meal:


Rustic Thanksgiving


All of this, and I haven’t even mentioned my FO! Yes, I finished my sweater! More on that next time.