Once again, it is Eye Canday Friday. Credit for today’s photos go to my Dad, and they’re posted here with his permission. These were taken on Thanksgiving weekend, when I was shopping at London-Wul. I don’t know whose dogs these were, but they were cracking us up! It looks like they were tired of waiting for their owners, and were making a getaway.


Me Wantz Drive Thru Cheezeburger!


Me Wantz Drive Thru Cheezeburger!


Me Wantz Drive Thru Cheezeburger!


Tanya are they your dogs? Line, are they yours? Anyway, they were a big hit among my crowd of animal lovers.

Now, this photo is mine. Please excuse the stove-top shot. I’ve been baking again, thanks to Carol. These were made using her soft pretzel recipe. Mmmmmmmm.


Soft Pretzels


Note to self: Avoid gabbing on the phone after pretzel shapes are rolled, and waiting to be cooked. They rise. They double in size, then triple in size, as you continue to gab and watch with fearful eyes. Believe me when I say that these are big. That’s not a dinner plate they’re on, it’s a very large platter. Also note to self: Buy coarse salt…table salt is a poor substitute. Final note to self: “Dip in butter” does not mean immerse in butter and swish around. They are tasty though! If they can get my dear man on chemo to eat, they’re well worth the effort too! Thanks Carol.

Now, for a brief update on the knitting. I’m working furiously on the baby blanket. I have all the squares done. Despite the fact that it will measure the same as the pattern states…it seems that it will be rather small. It would be fine for car seat use, but not suitable for a crib. I have tons of yarn left over too. So what would you do? The intarsia animal squares take forever for me to knit. I’ve been thinking though, about doing an added perimeter of solid squares. This would double the number of squares though, and how much time would that take? Maybe I could just make the border wider? Thoughts? Now, consider this….the healthy 10 pound baby boy was born on Monday. Ooops. Maybe I should just leave it the size it is. Or not. I still have all that yarn left over….