Woah! That was a lengthy post about seaming vs. picking up stitches last time. I think I was trying to figure out, for myself, why I decided to seam the blanket. The ruffle on my last sweater. That’s the reason. I can’t handle any more of those long rows of picked up stitches just now. I’m glad I figured that out! Actually, it has been a very portable project too. Since I’ve been knitting small squares, I could take the knitting with me just about anywhere. By the way, I’m finished the blanket now! Woo! I just want to put a flannel backing on it, and I have to get some matching thread. I don’t want the stitching to be too visible on the front.


Toys For Three Year Old Boys


Now, in the spirit of Anny Purls’ Holiday Gift Idea Meme, I thought I would tell you about some of my son’s favourite things. These items are well loved by my three year old boy. If you have a boy, of similar age, to find a gift for, maybe these items will provide you with some inspiration. I’ve provided links; however, I have not necessarily purchased from these retailers. I can’t really comment on their online services. I just wanted to provide a link to a description, where I could find one. Time permitting, I might make similar lists of favourite things for my other family members as well.

Top row, left to right: Russ Peepers Giraffe – Sooooo loved! Children love these Russ “Peeper” stuffed animals, with the big sad eyes.
Circus Puppet Theater – A table top puppet theater…..endless fun!
Finding Nemo (movie) – This is my son’s absolute favourite movie. He loves all “fishies” now, as a result.

Middle row, left to right: Playhut Fire Engine – This is sort of a tent/fire engine. Children can get inside and pretend they’re zooming off to a fire. Ours is always in use! However, it can just be folded up and put away easily. There is also a school bus.
Gearation Refrigerator Magnets – The gears can be rearranged, and connected in different ways. Then, it can be put into motion!
Imaginarium Train and Table – This is a pricey item; however, it’s less expensive than the Thomas the Train alternative. Also, I haven’t heard of any problems with lead paint on this. That said, any of the Thomas the Train pieces will work with this Imaginarium set. So, you can add pieces from one or the other. My son plays with this for hours! We don’t have to put away the train; we just keep it set up on the table and the pieces can be stowed in the two drawers.

Bottom row, left to right: Little Tikes Light & Go Thomas Flashlight – You know how much little boys like flashlights right? Well, a Thomas flashlight is even better! This one even chugs like a train.
Treasury Of Bedtime Stories – This book has a lot of the classic bedtime stories. However, The Three Billy Goats Gruff is my son’s favourite. The voice of the troll has to be done in a deep gravely voice though.
3 Letter Word Whammer by LeapFrog – Now, this one we keep on the refrigerator. It’s magnetic, with magnetic letters. It helps the child learn the alphabet, and begin to spell. This is a huge favourite. It’s probably why my son knew the alphabet, before he could speak any words. Weird.

P.S. If you take part in this meme, could you let me know, so that I can get some gift ideas too? Thanks!