Thank you for all of your comments on the animal blanket!! Wow. I so appreciate hearing from you!! The blanket has been sent to its new owner. I hope to get a photo of babe and blanket; that would be really nice. 🙂

Again, in the spirit of Anny Purls’ Holiday Gift Idea Meme, I thought I would tell you about some of my daughter’s favourite things. These items are well loved by my five year old girl. If you have a girl, of similar age, to find a gift for, maybe these items will provide you with some inspiration. Again, I’ve provided links; however, I have not necessarily purchased from these retailers. I can’t really comment on their online services. I just wanted to provide a link to a description, where I could find one.


Toys For Five Year Old Girls


Top row, left to right: Webkinz by Ganz plush pets. They’re so cute, I included two pictures…a lion and a tree frog. These are collected by my daughter’s friends.
My Book of Easy Crafts by Kumon Publishing. Creatures and toys can be created easily, by cutting nice quality images on the solid line, and folding on the dotted line. Tape or glue where indicated. I haven’t found another craft book like it.
My Chunky and Funky Scarf knitting kit for beginners. My daughter is learning to knit…and enjoying it!

Middle row, left to right: Curly the Cow, which I knitted for my daughter from a Debbie Bliss pattern. My daughter wanted it to be on this list! Awwww!
In the summer, you will not find my daughter outside without her Bug Collecting Kit. Seriously.
Miss Twiggley’s Tree. This book was my favourite as a child, and it was handed down to my daughter. It’s now one of her favourites as well. Some well loved, out-of-print, children’s books, such as this one, are being revived by the Purple House Press.

Bottom row, left to right: Schleich animals. They make all sorts of animals…from barnyard animals, to jungle animals, to dinosaurs. My daughter has some, but would love them all!
Madagascar movie.
Littlest Pet Shop Toys. These homely animals are also collected by the gals. No, I don’t know why.

I guess you can tell that my daughter is crazy about animals. No princesses or dollies for this girl! By the way, I just wanted to mention that I’m so acutely aware that gift giving is NOT the meaning of Christmas. Believe me when I say that I am grateful for all of my friends and loved ones, and feel very lucky that most of us will be together to celebrate this year. The gift giving, well that’s just a bonus. Maybe this list will give you some shopping ideas, and maybe it will distract you from the lack of knitting content in this blog. Stealth Christmas knitting is in progress. I shall say no more.