January 2008

I‘ve been getting some socks checked off my knitting “to do” list. Funny how the list keeps getting longer, instead of shorter. When I purchased yarn for my brother-in-law’s socks, I wasn’t sure how much a man’s pair was going to require. So, I purchased two skeins of the Dream in Color Smooshy yarn, just to be sure. Well, it turned out that I had enough yarn left over for another pair of socks as well. So, here’s the second pair:


Asparagus Socks


This pattern is for toe-up socks. A year or two ago, I learned about toe-up socks on Wendy’s blog, and I’m a convert now. It’s definitely my favourite method. My mother-in-law called it the “backward way” until, over the Christmas holidays, I made her a convert too!! She’s on her second or third pair now. Yay! Once she gets started on something, she can’t stop. She’s still creating felted clogs at a rip-roaring pace too! I digress…


Asparagus Socks


I don’t know why the socks look brown in these photos. They’re actually olive in colour. I tried taking the pictures in every possible light, in every possible position. The acrobatics involved were amusing to my family. I even went outside, in -4 degree Celsius weather, to take pictures of my feet in the natural light. Good grief. My neighbours probably think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. However, 300 photos later, I still don’t have a photo showing the actual sock colour. It’s especially frustrating because I’m using my new and “better” Christmas camera. Anyway, to see the actual yarn colour, please refer to the photo of my brother-in-law’s socks, taken with his camera. Alternatively, just imagine that these socks look olive.


Asparagus Socks


I have mentioned before that I have a problem wearing wool next to my skin. I find it to be very scratchy, especially on my feet. However, this yarn is 100 percent merino wool, and I don’t have a problem wearing it. What a pleasant surprise! I’m keeping this pair for myself!

Someone on Ravelry wanted me to take some interior photos of the Namaste Jetsetter knitting bag that I received for Christmas. I thought other people might be interested too, so I took a few.


Namaste Jetsetter


It was hard to get pictures of a black bag on a dark day, but I think you can see that there is a zippered pocket in the middle, that divides the bag into two sections. There are non-zippered pockets on the inside sides as well.

The following picture shows the middle pocket unzipped, and I put my leather key pouch (also black…silly me) in there. I put the teal scarf I knit last year, on one side of the bag, along with a sock in progress (sticking out). There is a measuring tape in one of the side pockets. On the other side of the bag, I put a long blue tube which contains all of my long knitting needles. They fit in there easily.


Namaste Jetsetter


In the next photo, the bag contains all of the same items, but I added my Favorite Socks knitting pattern book, and my Knit Picks Options circular needle set.


Namaste Jetsetter


In the next photo, the bag contains all of that stuff, plus the sweater I finished in the fall.


Namaste Jetsetter


So, lastly, here is the bag, with everything in it, ready to go. Granted, the buckle had to be adjusted to the very last notch. (It’s actually closed by a hidden magnetic snap).


Namaste Jetsetter


So there we go. I don’t normally pack so much stuff in the bag, but it can be done. This isn’t a sales pitch, but, as you can tell, I love my bag! I’ve actually been going to a few local “knit nights”, and it has been great to have a real knitting bag, rather than the grocery bags I was carrying around before. Also, black may seem like a boring colour, but it goes with everything else I own. It’s a solid colour, but I still think it’s trendy looking, and not plain. (I love the buckle). It’s casual, but polished looking. Yup, I love it. Now, if I couldn’t have the black, the brick red colour was also really calling my name.

Again, the bag was purchased, by phone, from The Needle Emporium, in Ancaster, Ontario, and sent by mail. They also sell selected items online. Julie, the owner, is wonderful (I read her blog too). I’m not affiliated with the store; I’m just a happy customer.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that I was spoiled this Christmas. I also received a new camera. However, the camera and I aren’t getting along so well. I can’t get the @$^*%#@& thing to focus, even in auto mode. I’ll have to give that relationship some time.

My cousin has been doing the fun job of digitizing a whole bunch of old slides. He shared this one of me:




This was apparently taken at one of my Aunt and Uncle’s previous homes, circa… a long time ago. I remember the red tricycle, but that’s about it. I don’t know where I got the red hat. Stylish huh?

I’ve been reading about the crazy, weird weather on the west coast. To my friends who live there, bloggy friends and otherwise, stay dry and stay safe!

To those of you who took the time to comment on the Retro Rib socks, I send a sincere thank you! I have been very bad about emailing responses to people, or making blog comments though, and I apologize for that. Busy Christmas preparations, and a seriously energy sucking cold have left me completely zapped. I didn’t even get Christmas cards mailed this year. sigh All I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep….oh, and eat the occasional candy cane or Christmas cookie for sustenance. I have been knitting between naps though!

I mentioned that this was the second pair of socks that I’ve knitted. I should clarify that by saying that I’ve knit lots of single socks, but this was only my second completed, wearable pair. Also, I do hereby solemnly swear that someday I will finish the Bayerische socks! (sidebar)

Anyway, I do have a few things to write about. I knit this scarf for my mother-in-law, and gave it to her for Christmas. She’s also a knitter, and I thought she would appreciate it… and she really did! It made me feel great to have made it for her.


Cashmere Lacy Scarf


Cashmere! It’s the first time I’ve knit with cashmere, and yes, it was wonderful! I had intended to make a cabled scarf, but the skeins were very small, and I didn’t think the yardage would be enough. So, instead I opted for this lacy pattern. Unfortunately, these photos were taken while the scarf was in progress, and unblocked, but I think you can get the general idea.


Cashmere Lacy Scarf


Look what I got as a Christmas gift! I love it!


Knitting bag


This is the Namaste Jetsetter knitting bag. It was purchased for me at my favourite local yarn store (LYS), which isn’t local to me unfortunately. How incongruous is that statement? It was purchased at The Needle Emporium in Ancaster, Ontario. I love the bag because I can use it as a knitting bag/purse combo, so I don’t have to carry two bags around. It’s long enough to carry long knitting needles, it’s durable, and it has lots of inside space and pockets. I’d like one in every colour. Kidding! I’m spoiled enough as it is.

I also received these great scissors from my mother-in-law. Perfect! I’m all set!


Knitting scissors


Happy New Year everyone!