Thanks everyone, for your comments on my last pair of socks. I was very happy to get them finished! Lately, I’ve been working on this:


Magic Looping


It’s going to be a mitten. The pair is to be given to our local shelter, and I’ve finished one mitten already. It may seem late to do this, as we are supposed to have an early spring. Ha! Ha! However, it sure didn’t feel like spring today! Every weekday morning I wait for the school bus with my daughter. This morning was freeeeeezing! I was so relieved when the bus approached, and it wasn’t a moment too soon.

You may see from the photo that I’m using the magic loop method to knit these mittens. I never really had the inclination to learn this method. In fact, I’ve often wondered what compels people to learn it. Now I know. I looked into my supply of dpns and realized that I didn’t have the sizes I needed. Plan number two was to use two circular needles. However, looking at my Options needles set…which has one of every size, I quickly realized that two of the same size was not an option. (Unfortunately, that bad pun was intended). I knew that Magic Loop was very much the same as using two circs, so I grudgingly taught myself to do it.

I know that some of my local knitting friends are somewhat interested in learning these techniques. I have some books that were helpful. However, these videos are what did it for me. Scroll down the page and the videos are in the “Small Diameter Circular Knitting” section.

All of that said, Magic Looping is not for Loopy Knitter. I don’t like the loops getting in the way, and always bending in the wrong direction. There are many people who will disagree with me. Many people love Magic Looping. I’m not one of them. I do like knitting with two circular needles though! That is my preference. However, I’m sure that lack of equipment will compel me to Magic Loop again sometime in the future. Honestly, it’s easy to learn, not hard to execute…I just prefer two circular needles.

Okay, so moving on, look at this…


Manos del Uruguay


In the words of Bob and Doug MacKenzie, “Beauty eh?”. Okay, I’m showing my age there. I purchased this yarn on sale at my LYS. It’s Manos del Uruguay, colour #109. I grabbed the remaining two skeins in the store, but I could use another one. If any of my local knitting buddies purchased this colourway, please keep me in mind if you decide you don’t need it. I know, that’s not likely to happen though!

Sales…I love sales. I also bought some yarn to make these:


Squares for Thom's afghan


If you’re a member of Ravelry, you may know that the Ravelry creator/code monkey, Casey, has a father named Thom, who was in a very bad accident. Thom broke his two ankles, an elbow and a wrist. His recovery will take a very long time. There is an international Ravelry effort underway, to make an afghan for Thom. These two squares were my contribution, and they were sent on to a regional assembler. It has been rather fun to take part, in this small way.

Speaking of Ravelry, my sister has just been invited to join. Now, I know I won’t hear from her for quite a while, unless it’s by “Rav Mail”. She will be sucked into the black hole of Ravelry queues and forum posts. Life is good!

I had more to say, but it will have to wait until next time. It’s getting late. I’ll wrap this up with a video of the toque wearing, Canucks, Bob and Doug MacKenzie. I don’t know how I started thinking of them, but I’ve wasted spent my whole evening watching their videos on YouTube. I especially appreciate how they point out the Maritime Provinces in this video.

Good day.