March 2008

Happy Easter everyone! I’ll say happy spring too, but it’s nothing like spring here yet. It’s not even remotely spring. There was another school cancellation, just this past week, due to freezing rain. However, Easter it is!!


Felted Easter Eggs and Basket


I finished the felted Easter eggs and basket, just in time. True to form, my children adore it. I’ve trained them well! (Hmmm, maybe they’ve trained me well; I keep making them stuff.) They call the basket a “nest”, and all manner of animals have been perched on top. Nemo even took a turn.


Felted Easter Eggs and Basket


Once again, this pattern is from the Knitwhits Easter in a Basket kit. I purchased it, by phone, from The Needle Emporium. The basket measures 9 inches in diameter, and the eggs are just over 3 inches long. I mentioned that, when my daughter saw the kit, she asked me where the chicken was. I don’t feel like knitting a chicken. However, Deb kindly sent me the link for Easter Peeps. I had to knit a peep! Thanks Deb!


L'il Peep


I just used some Patons Canadiana remnants, that I had in the stash. I presented him to my kids, and said, “His name is L’il Peep”. Nope. According to them his name is Pecker. Yes, Pecker! I was so grateful that it was only family members here, when they ran around saying, “See my L’il Pecker”? My kids are only 3 and 5 years old, so there was no double meaning intended. Oh, the rest of us had a good laugh!!


Easter Eggs, Basket and L'il Peep


I wanted to briefly mention that I took a long, but necessary break away from the computer. So, I haven’t been able to read my favourite blogs or comment recently. I apologize to anyone who may have missed me. There have been numerous things keeping me busy. However, the primary reason is that I injured my shoulder, while shoveling the driveway quite some time ago. It got much worse as time went on, and I realized that typing at the computer was really aggravating it. I decided to take a break, and keep my arm in a sling for a while. I found that I could knit though, very slowly, while keeping my right elbow glued to my side. The shoulder seems to be getting better, so hopefully I’ll be back to myself again soon. I hope to get caught up with my knitblogging friends! Happy Easter!

The other day, I had the opportunity to go out with a friend, for munchies, beer and knitting! It was March break here, for the kids, and I was going crazy, with the mayhem going on at our house. It was so nice to have a break too! I got these finished for my daughter:


Child Size


These Herringbone Mittens were done exactly the same way as the other pair I made, but I used smaller needles this time. I used 3mm needles, and the mittens fit my five year old cutie-pie (who I noticed needs a hair cut). They fit a little bit big, but that was intentional. As this winter is almost over (right??), I wanted the mittens to fit her next year as well.


Child Size



I knit the cuff portion 3 inches long, so that they could be tucked up under her jacket. That was her wish, and mine. 🙂 Just so you know, I highly recommend the beer and knitting combo. I lost a few stitches, but I picked them up again…no problem.


Child Size


In other news, I won a blog prize! Somehow, I managed to guess the number of heart shaped candies in a jar, or I guessed close enough anyway. I have never received a blog prize before! Just expecting this treat in the mail made my week!


Green Gables Blog Prize!


These are treats from the Anne of Green Gables store in Charlottetown, PEI. They are courtesy of Carol, otherwise known as Island Girl. Thanks so much Carol! I decided that I’d better hurry up and take a photo of these things, so that I can dig in! There’s a seed packet in there too, and I know just where I’m going to use it. We have a slope that needs some TLC, and I’m going to cast those seeds around…urm, when the snow is gone… The strawberry tea, on the other hand, is going to be used right away!

We are getting another dose of winter today! Blah. I thought, briefly, of taking a photo of the driving sleet, but decided that I don’t want a record of it. Sigh. When haven’t we been getting a dose of winter? I can hardly remember. Look at these instead:




Ahhhh. That’s better.

I thought I’d pop my head into the blog, to tell you what I’m working on. Well, I’m still working on my daughter’s mittens, but I’ve also been doing this:


Felted Easter Egg


Felted Easter Egg


That’s one egg done, five to go…and one nest. This felted Easter egg is made from a kit.


Felted Easter Egg Kit Felted Easter Egg Kit


The kit is Knitwhits Easter in a Basket. I purchased it from The Needle Emporium. They had a choice of bright colours or pastels, and this is the bright kit.

This egg might have been brighter, however, had I not decided to felt it with a pair of jeans. Duh. I don’t usually wash my jeans in hot water because the dye runs. You guessed it, I felted this egg in bright blue water. I didn’t ruin it, thank goodness. Next time, I’ll felt with towels instead.

My children love the egg. They can’t wait for me to finish the rest of the kit. There was also this comment…”Where’s the chicken?”. I’m not knitting a chicken.

Speaking of knitting and religious holidays, I wanted to mention that there’s a new podcast out there on the web. It is called Knit Together. (Those words “Knit Together” are the link, for those of you who don’t know. Click on them to automatically go to the podcast’s webpage.) The podcast is a combination of knitting and Christian interests. It’s being produced by Kate and Tammy. Kate and I have been blog friends for a long time, in fact, since she first learned to knit. Now she has a podcast. I was blown away by that. Then, she mentioned me in the first episode! I just about lost consciousness, when I heard that. Honestly, the room started to spin. I find the podcast to be very enjoyable, because it feels like I’m right there with Kate and Tammy, in their knitting group. I think that’s the point…to “Knit Together”.