We are getting another dose of winter today! Blah. I thought, briefly, of taking a photo of the driving sleet, but decided that I don’t want a record of it. Sigh. When haven’t we been getting a dose of winter? I can hardly remember. Look at these instead:




Ahhhh. That’s better.

I thought I’d pop my head into the blog, to tell you what I’m working on. Well, I’m still working on my daughter’s mittens, but I’ve also been doing this:


Felted Easter Egg


Felted Easter Egg


That’s one egg done, five to go…and one nest. This felted Easter egg is made from a kit.


Felted Easter Egg Kit Felted Easter Egg Kit


The kit is Knitwhits Easter in a Basket. I purchased it from The Needle Emporium. They had a choice of bright colours or pastels, and this is the bright kit.

This egg might have been brighter, however, had I not decided to felt it with a pair of jeans. Duh. I don’t usually wash my jeans in hot water because the dye runs. You guessed it, I felted this egg in bright blue water. I didn’t ruin it, thank goodness. Next time, I’ll felt with towels instead.

My children love the egg. They can’t wait for me to finish the rest of the kit. There was also this comment…”Where’s the chicken?”. I’m not knitting a chicken.

Speaking of knitting and religious holidays, I wanted to mention that there’s a new podcast out there on the web. It is called Knit Together. (Those words “Knit Together” are the link, for those of you who don’t know. Click on them to automatically go to the podcast’s webpage.) The podcast is a combination of knitting and Christian interests. It’s being produced by Kate and Tammy. Kate and I have been blog friends for a long time, in fact, since she first learned to knit. Now she has a podcast. I was blown away by that. Then, she mentioned me in the first episode! I just about lost consciousness, when I heard that. Honestly, the room started to spin. I find the podcast to be very enjoyable, because it feels like I’m right there with Kate and Tammy, in their knitting group. I think that’s the point…to “Knit Together”.