Thanks everyone, for enduring my brief rant the other day. I wouldn’t normally write of such things, but I have been justifiably upset. It’s not just an education issue. The government here is flouting the law, and disregarding basic constitutional rights. What would you do?

Thank goodness for knitting! I have some finished items to show you.

February Baby Sweater

  • Pattern: Baby Sweater On Two Needles, aka February Baby Sweater, by Elizabeth Zimmermann.
  • Source: Knitter’s Almanac
  • Materials: Baby Bamboo Sirdar Snuggly, 80% bamboo, 20%wool. Machine Washable.
  • Needles: 4mm
  • Modification: I knit the body and the sleeves 1/2 inch longer than specified. Edited to add: Also, I did a slip-stitched edge along the button band.

Herringbone Booties

February Baby Sweater and Booties

I gave these items away, at a baby shower yesterday. I was sitting and chatting with someone, when all of a sudden I heard everyone gasp. I turned to look, and the recipient was holding up this sweater. She had just unwrapped it. I guess they liked it!! You never know how someone will receive a hand made item. I was very happy that it was appreciated.