Look what was in my mailbox today!! I’m doing a dance!! I had to post about it right away…

La Digitessa

It’s the La Digitessa Kit, from Yarnissima, complete with the exclusive Wollmeise colourway…all the way from the Netherlands! Woo hoo! I was expecting the yarn and the pattern, but there were so many additional little treats and trinkets. You can see the Toblerone bar in the above photo, then there were these:

La Digitessa Kit - Treats!

That was a Belgian “Coc’O’box”‘ chocolate, which I knew I had to photograph right away, because it was gone as soon as I opened the cellophane. There was a little lady bug sticker, and a photographed gift card….so many details.

La Digitessa Kit - Bonus!

There was this lovely stitch marker attached to the hand written “Thank you”. I have been wanting to knit this pattern, ever since I saw it in the development stages on Flickr. Of course, toe-up patterns, especially, appeal to me. You may have heard that there was a lottery to join a Wollmeise sock club recently?? Well, I considered joining, but I’ve never even seen a skein of Wollmeise sock yarn in person before. Although the yarn was probably worth every penny, I couldn’t justify spending my whole yearly yarn budget on sock yarn, and one kind of sock yarn at that. So , I decided to stalk Yarnissima’s online shop instead. It felt like the right time to splurge on a kit. Finally, the La Digitessa kit became available, and I pounced on it. Just look at the yarn!

La Digitessa

I can’t wait to get started! Happy Socktoberfest to me!!

In other news, Kate and Tammy mentioned a couple of my projects on their Knit Together Podcast, Episode 16. I was just listening, as usual, when I heard “Loopy Knitter”, and almost swallowed a peanut M&M! They were so complimentary, and well, it was very nice of them.

Did you all read Yarn Harlot’s blog, where someone convinced Greg Kinnear to hold a sock-in-progress? The look on his face was priceless! So funny.

The FOs are piling up here, and remain unblogged. More to come.