Fall brings beautiful, colourful leaves, cooler temperatures, school….and flu. Ugh! I had a nasty stomach flu, but I think I’ve fully recovered now. Thankfully, I did not spread the dreaded bug on to the rest of the family. The difficult part was to cook meals for everyone else, when I couldn’t stomach food myself. Anyway, enough about that….all better now. 🙂

I just finished a second Robin Hood Jacket. However, I still have to take photos etc. I’ll get around to that. Meanwhile, here is one of my summer projects that has remained unblogged. It’s the PomatomusSocks, from Knitty. Unlike the pattern though, I did mine toe-up. It’s a good thing I did them that way too, because I didn’t have enough yarn, and ended up with ankle socks. They’re fine though. They are cotton, and I’ll wear them in summer. The next time I use Panda cotton, I’ll purchase three balls, rather than two.

Toe-up Pomatomus Socks

  • Pattern: PomatomusSocks, from Knitty.
  • Materials: Panda Cotton, in the Faded Jeans 2305 colourway.
  • Needles: Two 2.5mm Knit Picks circulars
  • Modification: I did these socks toe-up

When I began these socks, I didn’t want large, lacy holes, created by the yarn-overs. I vaguely remembered a trick to make the holes smaller. I’m not sure who thought of this method (Edited to add: It was sock designer extraordinaire, Deb Barnhill!!). The trick is too knit the row, ignoring where it says to do a yarn over. Just knit everything as stated, except for the yarn-overs. Then, on the next row, where there should’ve been a yarn over pick up the yarn between two stitches, similar to a make one (M1) increase, and work that stitch according to the pattern. This makes the yarn over much smaller. I’ve probably made that as clear as mud. Anyway, this is the way the yarn-overs looked:

Toe-up Pomatomus Socks

Well, that was great. I learned a new technique, and I like the resulting small, lacy holes. However, I need to struggle a bit, to get the sock over my heel! Perhaps larger holes were needed after all. So, I decided to do the leg of the second sock, doing the yarn-overs the normal way. This is the second sock:

Toe-up Pomatomus Socks

See how the holes are larger? Yup, the sock fits perfectly. So much for experimentation! I’d definitely do this pattern again…next time in wool. The twisted stitches, done in cotton, caused a lot of hand/arm strain. Live and learn.

On another topic, someone I know, locally, is making great baby slings and selling them. The online store is Lulujo. The slings are 100% cotton, adjustable, and come in all sorts of colours and prints. I think the padded one looks comfy. I thought I’d give the shop a little plug, as it is a great product, and would be a nice gift idea. We love the hand-made creations, don’t we?

Here’s another picture of fall colours, for the road. Most of the leaves are actually on the ground now, so let’s have one last look, while we still can. Has anyone started Christmas knitting yet? Not me. Time’s a’wastin’!!

Thanksgiving 2008