Hi everyone! This post is going to be heavy with finished items, as it has been quite a while since my last blog entry. I have been having computer issues. One issue has been that I’ve been setting up a new computer, and I’m not,…shall we say,…in-tune with technology? Some would say technotard. Whatever. I do my best. So, suffice it to say that my computer, and my digital photos, are not speaking to one another. I have retrieved some photos for this post, but somehow I will have to retrieve the rest. Somehow, and some other time. How long can I procrastinate? Also, I managed to download a virus onto my brand new computer, which was, by the way, *protected* by Norton 360 anti-virus! Arg! I did manage to clean up that particular mess, $139.99 later. So, for these reasons, blogging has not been happening. However, I have been knitting!

Valentine Socks

Valentine Socks

  • Pattern: The chart for the heart pattern is from True Love Socks, by Thayer Preece, however the rest is ad lib. I did them toe-up, with “Sailor’s Ribbing” (page 88 of More Sensational Knitted Socks, by Charlene Schurch), and eye of the partridge heel.
  • Materials: Cables and Lace sock club yarn.
  • Colourway: Valentine’s Day Massacre
  • Needles: Two circulars, 2.5mm.

This yarn is the first installment of the Cables and Lace sock club. I really like how it knitted up! This is also the first sock club that I’ve ever joined. So far, so great!

Let me show you the other sock, because I have the picture and I might as well use it.

Valentine socks

I’ve already been wearing these as bed socks, because they go with my pj’s. See?

Valentine Socks

To continue with the sock blogging, I finished these ones quite some time ago. I’ve worn them a lot, because they’re so comfy and warm.

Nanner Socks

Nanner Socks

This pattern was released for people on Plurk only. Yes, I have been using Plurk…but not very well. I’m not on it very regularly. My “karma” plummets frequently. The banana, “nanner”, pattern relates to the dancing bananas on Plurk. I chose the yarn, specifically, because it looked like the colour of bananas. However, it turns out that I love this yarn! It has a bit of mohair in it, but it’s not scratchy at all. Maybe it’s the bit of silk in it that makes it softer. I don’t know, but I love it.

Finally, I have these happy socks.

Stripy Socks

Happy Stripy Socks

I loved knitting these, just because of the happy colours. Wearing them is almost as much fun!

I hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day!

Fall brings beautiful, colourful leaves, cooler temperatures, school….and flu. Ugh! I had a nasty stomach flu, but I think I’ve fully recovered now. Thankfully, I did not spread the dreaded bug on to the rest of the family. The difficult part was to cook meals for everyone else, when I couldn’t stomach food myself. Anyway, enough about that….all better now. 🙂

I just finished a second Robin Hood Jacket. However, I still have to take photos etc. I’ll get around to that. Meanwhile, here is one of my summer projects that has remained unblogged. It’s the PomatomusSocks, from Knitty. Unlike the pattern though, I did mine toe-up. It’s a good thing I did them that way too, because I didn’t have enough yarn, and ended up with ankle socks. They’re fine though. They are cotton, and I’ll wear them in summer. The next time I use Panda cotton, I’ll purchase three balls, rather than two.

Toe-up Pomatomus Socks

  • Pattern: PomatomusSocks, from Knitty.
  • Materials: Panda Cotton, in the Faded Jeans 2305 colourway.
  • Needles: Two 2.5mm Knit Picks circulars
  • Modification: I did these socks toe-up

When I began these socks, I didn’t want large, lacy holes, created by the yarn-overs. I vaguely remembered a trick to make the holes smaller. I’m not sure who thought of this method (Edited to add: It was sock designer extraordinaire, Deb Barnhill!!). The trick is too knit the row, ignoring where it says to do a yarn over. Just knit everything as stated, except for the yarn-overs. Then, on the next row, where there should’ve been a yarn over pick up the yarn between two stitches, similar to a make one (M1) increase, and work that stitch according to the pattern. This makes the yarn over much smaller. I’ve probably made that as clear as mud. Anyway, this is the way the yarn-overs looked:

Toe-up Pomatomus Socks

Well, that was great. I learned a new technique, and I like the resulting small, lacy holes. However, I need to struggle a bit, to get the sock over my heel! Perhaps larger holes were needed after all. So, I decided to do the leg of the second sock, doing the yarn-overs the normal way. This is the second sock:

Toe-up Pomatomus Socks

See how the holes are larger? Yup, the sock fits perfectly. So much for experimentation! I’d definitely do this pattern again…next time in wool. The twisted stitches, done in cotton, caused a lot of hand/arm strain. Live and learn.

On another topic, someone I know, locally, is making great baby slings and selling them. The online store is Lulujo. The slings are 100% cotton, adjustable, and come in all sorts of colours and prints. I think the padded one looks comfy. I thought I’d give the shop a little plug, as it is a great product, and would be a nice gift idea. We love the hand-made creations, don’t we?

Here’s another picture of fall colours, for the road. Most of the leaves are actually on the ground now, so let’s have one last look, while we still can. Has anyone started Christmas knitting yet? Not me. Time’s a’wastin’!!

Thanksgiving 2008


Look what was in my mailbox today!! I’m doing a dance!! I had to post about it right away…

La Digitessa

It’s the La Digitessa Kit, from Yarnissima, complete with the exclusive Wollmeise colourway…all the way from the Netherlands! Woo hoo! I was expecting the yarn and the pattern, but there were so many additional little treats and trinkets. You can see the Toblerone bar in the above photo, then there were these:

La Digitessa Kit - Treats!

That was a Belgian “Coc’O’box”‘ chocolate, which I knew I had to photograph right away, because it was gone as soon as I opened the cellophane. There was a little lady bug sticker, and a photographed gift card….so many details.

La Digitessa Kit - Bonus!

There was this lovely stitch marker attached to the hand written “Thank you”. I have been wanting to knit this pattern, ever since I saw it in the development stages on Flickr. Of course, toe-up patterns, especially, appeal to me. You may have heard that there was a lottery to join a Wollmeise sock club recently?? Well, I considered joining, but I’ve never even seen a skein of Wollmeise sock yarn in person before. Although the yarn was probably worth every penny, I couldn’t justify spending my whole yearly yarn budget on sock yarn, and one kind of sock yarn at that. So , I decided to stalk Yarnissima’s online shop instead. It felt like the right time to splurge on a kit. Finally, the La Digitessa kit became available, and I pounced on it. Just look at the yarn!

La Digitessa

I can’t wait to get started! Happy Socktoberfest to me!!

In other news, Kate and Tammy mentioned a couple of my projects on their Knit Together Podcast, Episode 16. I was just listening, as usual, when I heard “Loopy Knitter”, and almost swallowed a peanut M&M! They were so complimentary, and well, it was very nice of them.

Did you all read Yarn Harlot’s blog, where someone convinced Greg Kinnear to hold a sock-in-progress? The look on his face was priceless! So funny.

The FOs are piling up here, and remain unblogged. More to come.

…And I’m back. I thought I should blog something, before people think that something happened to me. All is well. I didn’t mean do be missing in action for so long. I was on a genealogy research bender. I got a lead and couldn’t stop working on it. It’s like solving a mystery. All of my computer time was devoted to tracking down information, and organizing it. Anyway, I do have a finished item to share with you!


Healthy Spine Toe-up Socks



Healthy Spine Toe-up Socks


Healthy Spine Toe-up Socks


I had to show that third picture.

Conversation with my husband:

Me: “Do I look like I have duck feet in the second picture?”
DH: “No, but your ankles look really wide in the first one.”
Me: “Well, I’m keeping the first one, because the colour is accurate, and you can see the heel.”
DH incredulously: “Are your feet sticking up in the air in that third shot?”
Me: “Yes, it’s hard to take pictures of your own feet.”
DH: (here’s the kicker): “Were you clothed?
Me: (while giving the evil eye): “No, I just thought that while the kids are home with colds, I would lie on the floor, buck n*ckid, and take pictures, in front of the window, of my merino wool clad feet! Just because my feet are in the air, I must be unclothed?? Men!”
DH: “No, I just thought your skin looked blue.”
Me: “Oh. Right.”

Hee hee! I love him! Just to let anyone know, who may be in doubt, yes, I was wearing all of my clothing. (Edited to add: I think he’s just jealous, ’cause he wants my socks.)


Healthy Spine Toe-up Socks

The actual colour is not so red.


Okie dokie then, moving on…
I’ve been tagged by Alicia for the 7 Random things meme.

“Here are the rules, and they must be posted to your blog. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog and also so they can look at your blog and not tag the same people all over again!”

Here are my random answers, in random order:

  1. I don’t like filling out forms, and will do almost anything to avoid it.
  2. I wore braces as a teenager.
  3. I once dated the doctor who did Jennifer Love Hewitt’s b**b job enhancement. Once dated. Literally. One date. It just wasn’t meant to be. That was in his med school days. Nice website Pete! 🙂 How’s that for random?
  4. I don’t like the feeling of wearing nail polish.
  5. I sold a pair of underwear to Colin James, and a pair of pants to his guitar player, when I worked at Harry Rosen eons ago. Oooooooo.
  6. I love lobster! Yummy!
  7. I go by my middle name. That was my parents’ idea.

Wait, there’s more! Carol gave me the “You Make My Day” award! That made my day! Thanks so much Carol!


You Make My Day


Instructions: “Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.”

So, what I’m going to do is tag 10 people, and they can consider themselves tagged for both the meme, and the award. If you’ve done the meme before, don’t worry about doing it again. Of course, I love all of the biggy blogs, like Brooklyn Tweed, Wendy Knits, Grumperina, and Yarn Harlot, but I think they probably get a number of awards. What I thought I’d do, this time, is concentrate on the blogs of people who live somewhat near me. I have been fortunate to meet a number of these people in person. It has been fun to find out that there are other knitbloggers in my part of the world. Reading their blogs really does make my day! Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Carol, back at you!
  2. Heather
  3. Kelly
  4. CanKnitian
  5. Byrne
  6. Alison
  7. Lesley
  8. Deb
  9. Tanya
  10. Line
  11. Mary

Okay, so I listed eleven blogs, not ten. My bad. Spread the cheer!